Bronx Seniors Visit Woodstock

Bronx seniors visit WoodstockIn January the entire senior class from Hyde-Bronx came to Woodstock for a weekend. The 66 students – along with 8 faculty members from the Bronx – launched their Senior Process program and participated in activities on their own as well as with the Woodstock seniors.

A high point of the weekend was a “senior meeting” for the two groups of students. Putting themselves in small groups made up of both Bronx and Woodstock seniors, the students brainstormed how they would handle different situations that challenged their leadership. In every scenario, the students talked about Brother’s Keeper and its importance to the Hyde school culture. They also reaffirmed the importance of truth and honesty among peers.

The Bronx seniors noted how the retreat impacted the way they see themselves and their classmates. “I grew as a person.  The class grew more together.  Now I can see the change.  We communicate with each other,” reported Rossemary Gonzalez (Bronx,’13).

“I love seeing the Bronx students,” said Woodstock junior Jenna Dubinsky (’14). “We always have fun and get a lot of out talking about our Hyde experiences.”