Hyde Weekly: February 23 – March 1, 2013

This is an informal e-communication from Hyde-Bath and Hyde-Woodstock, intended to share highlights, signs of growth, issues that are being addressed and thoughts from the Heads of School. Its purpose is to bring the Hyde parents and the larger community into the school culture.


Moving Day

The new residence hall has been completed and the students who have been living in the Family Renewal Center (FRC) will have a new home when they return after the March vacation.  As soon as the girls of the FRC left for vacation, the movers descended on the FRC to transport their boxes of belongings to their new digs.  The new residence hall has capacity for 54 students and includes two family-sized apartments and three single-person apartments.  Tours of the new building will be available during family weekend and the official dedication of the building will take place directly after the baccalaureate ceremony on graduation weekend.

Winter Athletic Awards

After a very successful winter athletic season, the school took time to hear from the team captains citing highs and lows, moments of growth and moments of humor their teams experienced over the last few months.  The end-of the-season awards were also presented by the coaches of each team.  The following students were honored for their hard work, sportsmanship and team spirit:


MVP Award

MIP Award

Swimming Connor Champagne ’13 Jamie Lynch ’15

Yidan “Diana” Huang ’14

Track Xi Wang ’14 Jiamei “Ferina” Li ’14

Cody Mitchell ’13

Max Zerrudo-Turgeon ’15

Dance Sonya Kobayashi ’15 Ben Fusco ’14
Women’s Basketball Kara Fischer ’13 Jailene Martinez ’15
Men’s Varsity Basketball Talin Rowe ’14
Men’s JV Basketball Noah Horning ’15 Aaron Leffert ’15
Varsity Wrestling Steven Dwight ’13 Jack Howarth ’14
JV Wrestling Yong Ho “Ross” Ji ’16

Yiren “Carl” Shen ’15

Of special note, Steven Dwight ’13 capped off his wrestling season at the National Prep School Championships by earning a third place finish and garnering All-American honors!  You can view Steven being interviewed about his time at the Nationals by going to:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nWELiC0l-ok

Dance Performance Raises the Roof

Hyde’s Dance team has performed at a number of venues this winter and brought their talents to our own theater for a final time.  The performance featured a combination of original, modern choreography, and cultural pieces from China and Africa.  There were all-troupe numbers, solos and small group numbers.  A highlight of the show was the imaginative number put together and performed in the dark by Ben Fusco ’14Sonya Kobayashi ’15 and Chris Moreau ’14 that incorporated neon lights attached to their clothes and bodies.  Each number was greeted more enthusiastically by the student body than the previous one and it was a great atmosphere.  The other dancers included Hayley Mandel ’14; Hope Stinson ’14; Ziwei “Purple” Zhao ’13; Zeyuan Tang ’15; Bixi “Becky” Zeng ’15 and special guest, Ou “Austin” Wang ’13.

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NEPSAC Class “C” Tournament

The Hyde-Woodstock men’s varsity basketball team hosted Providence Country Day on Wednesday for the opening round of the NEPSAC Class “C” tournament.  Hyde-Woodstock was the fourth seed and had lost previously to P.C.D. in the closing minute of a regular season game, so the Wolf Pack planned to slow P.C.D.’s transition offense and three-point shooting.

The game was evenly matched through six minutes of play, when the score was 5-5.  Hyde’s Christian Ejiga ’13 kept missing shots in the paint, and Julian Mardenli PG was overshooting the rim from beyond the arc.  With just over three minutes to play in the first half, P.C.D. took a 16-18 point lead while Hyde struggled to utilize its size advantage effectively.  Julian rallied the Wolf Pack crowd with an exciting slam dunk from the baseline.  Coach Tom Bragg went to players from the bench, and Harrison Smith ’14 made a three to edge Hyde into a 24-22 lead with a minute left. This seemed to energize point guard Tyquan Ekejiuba ’12, who raced through P.C.D.’s defense to finish an up-and-under layup. Hyde led 26-25 at halftime.

The second half proved that hard work rewards. Christian EjigaJulian Mardenli and Ken Grant ’14 have spent years practicing their craft, so they allowed their skills and experience to balance against their over-enthusiastic emotions.  Ken repeatedly worked a high-low game with Christian, who made eight more baskets, and Julian and Tyquan made clutch three point shots to stretch Hyde’s lead to 65-55 in the closing minutes of the game.  P.C.D. displayed resolve, effort and good sportsmanship, but the Wolf Pack proved to be the better team and won 67-58.

Hyde-Woodstock plays against top-seeded Greens Farms Academy at 5:00 PM, Friday, March 1st.


Hyde-Woodstock Girls Varsity Basketball vs. Southfield

Fifth ranked Hyde traveled to fourth ranked Southfield, MA to play in the quarter-finals of the New England Tournament.  Southfield was the reigning champions in Class “D” for two years running and they were very comfortable in their own gym.  They went on a run and the Wolf Pack had no answer.  We found ourselves down 17-2 with a lot of time on the clock in the first half.  Defensively the team was flat and offensively nothing was falling.  Hyde could have folded but instead the girls took a breath, found it in themselves to fight, and came back to within 11 at the end of the half.  In the second half Hyde tightened their belt on defense leading to some steals and easy baskets off turnovers.  The team pulled within five and that was as close as they would get.  In the end it was Hyde 37 and Southfield 49.  Hats off to Southfield for their tough play.  Hyde had a solid season and has much to look forward to in the future due to returning players; Cashmir Fulcher ’15, Janicha Diaz Carrion ’14, Jenna Dubinsky ’14, Maia Johnson ’14, Samri Krogmann ’14 and Virginia Garrity ’14.  Thank you to captains Maureen Bellwoar ’13 and four-year player Katherine Hagood ’13 for their leadership and inspiration this season.  Thank you also to seniors Jenna Kowalski and Rongpei “Tina” Zhang for their contributions to the team.  We wish them the best next year and beyond.


Our own homegrown wrestling dynamo, Marcos Mercado ’14, traveled to Lehigh University to wrestle in the National Prep Tournament.  This tournament features the top wrestlers from each region, which includes prep schools from Texas, Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Delaware and New England.   He entered the tournament as an unseeded wrestler who took 4th in New England’s, yet astonished us all with the heart and determination with which he wrestled. This drive helped him to defeat a #10 and #7 seed. He inspired the team and the school this season with his focus, determination and class as an athlete. Lastly, he went from being a 0-2 National Prep participant in 2012, to being a Top-12 Nat Prep finisher today.  As his coach, Wes Jenkins said, “That incredible, exponential growth is what embodies unique potential. I am proud of what he accomplished and what he has stood for regarding character and hard work.”

Winter Sports Wrap Up

We paused after taking exams to honor those athletes that worked hard this winter season and made us proud.  We will do the same in the academic arena when we return from break and grades have been completed. The following students were honored:


MVP Award

MIP Award

Men’s Varsity Basketball Christian Ejiga ’13 Julian Mardenli ’13
Men’s JV Basketball Samuel Valentine ’13 Zeyi “Kenny” Zhang ’14
Men’s 3rds Basketball Zheng Jun “Kevin” Ge ’15 Junyan “Jeremy” Gu ’15
Developmental Basketball Yuyang “Aaron” Cao ’16 Justin Irby ’14
Women’s Varsity Basketball Maureen Bellwoar ’13 Janicha Diaz Carrion ’14
Women’s JV Basketball Li Yuan “Justine” Zhang ’14 Jing “Janet” Yang ’13
Indoor Track Felipe Azevedo ’14

Matthew Wysocki ’13

Dance Alina Donnelly ’13 Lingyi “Lizzie” Xu ’14
Drama Julian Goldenberg ’13 Wei Wei ’13
Varsity Wrestling Marcos Mercado ’14 Scott Leonard ’14
JV Wrestling Ethan Goldberg ’15 Hagop Ahrens ’14

Into the Spring

As is the tradition, the school both embraces and endures the winter term, where we focus on synergy and learning from testing ourselves. As a school, we ended the term with a sense of community and a gratitude for the faculty who work incredibly hard to help the students. When asked some of the take-away lessons learned this term, here are a few of the emails received:

I learned this in a one of the books I was reading (The Unpanishads by Swami Prabhavananda) – ‘Wonderful is he who speaks of it. Intelligent is he who learns of it. Blessed is he who is taught by a good teacher, is able to understand it.’  This just opened my eyes to how lucky I am to have a good education.”  Paul Randall ’15


“I learned that I have an abundance of resources at Hyde, whether it is my teachers, my peers, or myself.”   Amelia Lyle ’14

A step of growth that has been made on campus for many individuals is the great improvement of the Westhaver 2nd floor wings. Peter and I have introduced a new system, everyone’s room has improved significantly, and the cleanliness of the wings is spectacular. We have found that consistency and teamwork can influence the attitudes of others more than we thought. When first introducing the new system on the second floor we were hesitant, but we have been pleasantly surprised with the outcome. We turned good habits of responsibly, cleanliness and time management into a lifestyle on the second floor.” Felipe Azevedo ’14 and Peter Markham ’13

Winter is still here, but spring is coming! We all need a well-deserved break…so enjoy!    LDG/DM

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