Hyde Weekly: February 16 – February 22, 2013

This is an informal e-communication from Hyde-Bath and Hyde-Woodstock, intended to share highlights, signs of growth, issues that are being addressed and thoughts from the Heads of School. Its purpose is to bring the Hyde parents and the larger community into the school culture


Tourney Time in Augusta

This week has been filled with trips to support our basketball teams in the state tournament.  Both the boys’ and girls’ teams won their first round games.  The boys, led by the inspired play of Ben Burlock ’13, won a convincing victory over Seacoast Christian on Saturday which earned them the right to play Valley High School on Wednesday.  After leading for most of the game, the team faltered in the final seconds with a costly turnover and ensuing foul that gave Valley a 55-53 win.

The Hyde girls’ team had beaten the same Valley High School in their first round game on Monday which set up a contest with #2 seeded Richmond.  Our girls played a tremendous game and made Richmond scramble until the last minute to earn a 43-36 victory.  Katie Comeaux ’13 and Carolyn Moore ’14 did an excellent job of defending Richmond’s star player while the offense was fueled by Kara Fischer ’13 and Diamond Brown ’16.

More Tournament Action

Basketball wasn’t the only game in town this week.  Last weekend, Darvin Anderson ’14 and Steven Dwight ’13 represented Hyde at the All New England wrestling tournament in Connecticut.  Darvin returned with a very respectable 5th place finish while Steven came home a champion after pinning his opponent in just 16 seconds in the final match.  Both wrestlers have qualified for the National championships at Lehigh University this weekend.

At the state track meet, Cody Mitchell ’13 earned a 10th place finish in the mile, and Mady Preece ’13 and Julia Jackson ’15 both qualified in the 400m.  Mady and Julia each set personal records and finished their seasons in fine form.

The state swim meets also were held this week and three Hyde swimmers qualified:  Connor Champagne ’13, Jeans Jiaraksa ’15, and Margot King ’16.  As the season wrapped up for these swimmers, their coaches, Sam Jonynas and Jen Liu wrote about them, “To compete at this level, these swimmers had to show dedication to their sport, a personal commitment to give it their all when they got to practice, and then a little more when it came time for our meets.”

Final Exams around the Corner

With exams beginning next Tuesday, teachers and students are switching into review and study mode.  Extra study halls were instituted for students who needed more time and attention to complete their work, and office hours were added in the afternoon for tutoring opportunities for all.  This weekend, with our third snow storm forecasted in as many weeks, it will be a good time for students to hunker down and hit the books!

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Lights, Camera, Action!

The drama team took the stage this past Friday and Saturday nights in the performance of Urinetown: The Musical. The team rose to the challenge, impressing parents and peers with their singing, their energy, and the fun they had on stage.

Directed by faculty members Laura Michaels, Steven Bertozzi and Alexandra Keyes, Urinetown tells the tale of a place where it is a “privilege to pee.”  In a town plagued by a 20-year drought, Bobby Strong (played by Julian Goldenberg ’13)assisted Ms. Penelope Pennywise (played by Molly Pearson ’PG) in running Public Amenity Number Nine.  After seeing his father carted away for peeing illegally by Officer Lockstock (played by Jackie Markferding ’14) Bobby decided to take matters into his own hands and take over the urinal.


As the show continued, matters were further complicated by Bobby’s newfound love for Hope Cladwell (played by Eliana Goldberg ’13), the daughter of the owner of Urine Good Company and the manager of all the public amenities in town, Caldwell B. Cladwell (played by Yiren “Tony” Shao ’13).  With Lockstock doubling as a narrator with the help of Little Sally (played byJane McCaffrey ’13) hilarity ensued as the revolution began, ended, and failed within the timeline of the show.

Backstage students Alex Appel ’16 and Kyle Scuoteguazza ’15 ran the lights and sound with the help of faculty members Alexandra Keyes and Joshua Welch.  As Director Laura Michaels noted, “It was a great show and a solid season for the Hyde School drama team. I was very proud of the students!”

Stop, Drop and Deal

Things came to a head this week when the school attended the Drama performance Friday night and several student attitudes created a disrespectful atmosphere which was unacceptable by Hyde standards. Monday morning, the school started addressing the issue at 8:00 a.m.   It turned into four hour meeting which was summed up by one student as, “a major step forward for the community.”

Throughout the meeting, the school assessed commitments as well as attitudes around respect. There was widespread participation and the time seemed to fly by.  At one point, the faculty sat on the stage and shared some of their frustrations and inspiring moments as teachers. The student body was extremely attentive and when it came time to give the faculty some comments, the response was overwhelming:

Mr _____, thanks for your commitment to me since I have been here.”

“Ms_____, I am sorry that I have shown you disrespect.”

“When I came to this country, I wanted to find the best school where the teachers were excellent. I know that I will not find teachers more caring.”

“I hope that we can have our actions follow these words and commitments today.”

Four hours later, we were able to give the drama team a proper debrief of their show and there was a spontaneous ovation. Throughout the morning, there were many insightful comments, but perhaps the wisest comment came at the end of the meeting from freshman Devin Peterson, who started out his remarks with, “Freshmen leadership is like jumbo shrimp…..it’s a bit weird, but this is what I think. Many of us have made statements, commitments and some apologies. My mother always taught me to back up my words with actions so let’s challenge ourselves to do this.”

Lady Wolf Pack Wins in Overtime


Hyde-Woodstock played top ranked Marianapolis Prep in a thriller on President’s Day.  It wasn’t long before it was apparent that both teams brought their “A” game.  Hyde was fueled by their press defense which caused Marianapolis Prep to slow down.  They were also fueled by the great offensive play of sophomore Cashmir Fulcher and Janicha Diaz ’14.  Hyde went into halftime trailing by one point.  The girls lost steam in the middle of the second half and had to take a timeout to reassess their commitment to win the game.  They buckled down, tightened their defense and rebounded better.  Katherine Hagood ’13 hit a couple of big shots, including a three, to keep the team in the game.  In the waning seconds of regulation Cashmir Fulcher ’15 hit a huge three to tie the game and send it into overtime.  Hyde was able to take the lead in overtime and hold onto it until the end.  It was an outstanding team effort which bodes well for the upcoming tournament games in the next two weeks.  The drive for the SENE championship starts on Wednesday at home against Falmouth Academy.  Scoring was as follows: Cashmir Fulcher ’15 12-0-29, Janicha Diaz ’14 7-0-15, Katherine Hagood ’13 3-0-7, and Maia Johnson ’14 1-2-5.

Dance, Dance, Dance

On Wednesday night, the community gathered to celebrate the final U.N.I. Dance Team performance, Good vs. Evil. The show was the team’s interpretation of a widespread issue of intimate partner violence (IPV) and how that can be expressed through various dance movements. The performance began with the enthusiastic passion of our three leading roles played by Alina Donnelly ’13, Carlye Marota ’14 and Thomas Nixon ’14.  The show would not have been the same without them.

Put into a different role, Lingyi “Lizzie” Xu ’14 taught and shared with us a traditional Chinese piece that was both graceful and elegant. As the night continued, people could not keep their eyes off Destin Oliveira ’14 who was radiant, full of energy, and had a lot of personality.  The highlight of the show was the breathtaking video created by Nicola Gomez ’13.  The video was very professional, was inspirational and brought the audience to tears.

The night concluded with powerful movements from the rest of the team: Amanda Diedrick ’13, Tianyi “Tiffany” Liu ’15, Marlena Reeves ’14, Lucas Richards ’13, Yujing “Jessica” Shao ’14, Anqi “Angel” Sima ’15, Danny Shaw-Vicente ’15, and Georgia Whiteford ’15 – who left everything on the stage.  Artistic Director, Shauntay Hallett, stated, “Faculty and students commented that our show was simple, beautiful, and portrayed a message that was meaningful.  The U.N.I. Dance Team raised the bar for what our students can produce if they work hard.  I am extremely proud of my team and cannot wait to begin planning for next year.”     

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