Hyde Weekly: February 9 – February 15, 2013

This is an informal e-communication from Hyde-Bath and Hyde-Woodstock, intended to share highlights, signs of growth, issues that are being addressed and thoughts from the Heads of School. Its purpose is to bring the Hyde parents and the larger community into the school culture.


Winter Sports Begin to Wrap Up

This weekend marks the beginning of the Maine High School basketball tournament held each year at the Augusta Civic Center for qualifying teams from Western Maine.  This year, both the Hyde-Bath men’s and women’s teams made the tournament, with the men’s team earning the #2 seed and the women’s team sliding in at #3.  The school will travel to Augusta to support the men’s team en masse on Saturday for their 10:00 AM game, and then we will load the buses again on Monday for the women’s game, also starting at 10:00 AM.  Those not in the area who want to catch the games can do so by visiting the web site for the sports section of the Kennebec Journal :http://www.onlinesentinel.com/sports.

Also this weekend, starting on Friday afternoon, Hyde-Bath will be represented at the New England Wrestling Championships by Darvin Anderson ’14 and Steven Dwight ’13.  Both wrestlers have a good shot at returning as New England champs and they will begin preparing for a trip to the national tournament the following week.

After a long season of  learning what for many was a new sport, members of  the JV wrestling team will be spending the weekend at Hyde’s property in Eustis, Maine.  Along with their coaches Rose Dorian and Mike Dreimiller, the team will head north for a fun, end of season, team bonding weekend, rewarding all for the hard work and improvements the team has made this season.  They plan to snow-shoe, go down-hill sledding, have a bonfire, enjoy movies and games, cook meals together, and spend quality time as a team.  The trip will also be a time to reflect as individuals and as a team, on their wrestling season and improvements they have made.  They will be staying in the lodge and using the yurts for their sleeping quarters.

Seniors Present “This I Believe” Essays

This past Monday, Hyde-Bath seniors read their “This I Believe” essays under the chandelier during their English class.  The pieces are based on the essay form made popular by the NPR Series, and they offer insight into what beliefs the seniors are developing from their own unique experiences.  The essays offered many insights with more than a few of the seniors stating their belief in the value of moments of struggle and challenge.  Others believe in concepts such as purpose, love and second chances.  As the senior English students prepared their essays, they studied models available on the “This I Believe” web site, honed their skills in writing personal anecdotes and using a conversational tone, and then took the “stage” under the Mansion chandelier to present their written work to a wider audience.  Every semester, the seniors present their work, and themselves, in this same forum in preparation for graduation and for life.

On the Road

On Sunday, the cast of “We Have a Dream” will travel to our sister campus in Connecticut.  The performance is created and performed by a group of Hyde teachers and students.  A late afternoon performance is scheduled followed by the opportunity for conversation about MLK and the performance.  The director of the show, Matt Newberg, says of the upcoming engagement, “After a very successful debut performance we are looking forward to testing ourselves and taking the show out on the road.  I am confident we are going to deliver an inspiring performance for our sister school in Woodstock.”


Lunchtime at last weekend’s Wilderness FLC in Eustis.


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Bring it on!

Faculty member Russ Varney announced, “Please help me in congratulating the following students on their outstanding performance in Hyde School’s recent Math Team Competition: Lucas Richards ’14, Devin Peterson ’16, Junyan “Jeremy” Gu ’15, Lingyi “ Lizzie” Xu ’14, Rong “Martin” Ma ’13, Yulong “Mike” Yao ’15, Zehua “Steven” Che ’14, Yiren “Tony” Shao ’13, Yizhou “Richard” Tang ’15, and Yoomi Ji ’13.”

These ten students entered two teams into the Worcester County Mathematics League (WOCOMAL) last week at Assabet Valley Regional Technical High School. Their experience was minimal but their attitudes were hopeful. There were 35 schools represented at the meet from Classes A, B, C and D. The categories of questions included Similarity and Pythagorean Theorem, Algebra 1, Functions, Combinatorics and Analytic Geometry. Hyde School earned 14th place for total raw score at the meet. In Class C, Hyde School was only beat by the students from Holy Name High School in raw score. Even more impressive was the team’s success in Round 5 (Analytic Geometry). Hyde School was one of only seven schools to score any points in that round. It was an impressive showing, an example of attitude enhancing aptitude!

Sports News

On Wednesday, February 13th, the Hyde School Wolf Pack 3rds men’s basketball team took on the Mustangs of Putnam Science Academy, dominating the second half of the game to ultimately win the contest 33-18. The Mustangs came ready to avenge their first loss of the season to the Wolf Pack by employing a new defensive scheme. Putnam Science’s defensive shift created some confusion on offense for Hyde which forced unnecessary turnovers and bad shots. However, the Wolf Pack weathered the storm and took a one-point lead into halftime. After a true “tale of two halves,” the boys began to play sound fundamental offense and defense to break the game open on a 10-0 scoring run. Putnam Science struggled to capitalize on offensive opportunities in the second half, ultimately failing to keep up with Hyde.

Notable efforts throughout the game were Drew Handley ’14, Zheng “Kevin” Ge ’15, and Dumisani Samuels ’16. Drew continued his offensive and defensive prowess with another impressive double-double. Kevin ran point for the majority of the contest and found his open teammates in the second half to help put the game away. Dumo provided an extra offensive spark off the bench with seven points. A shorthanded roster allowed some reserve players to earn quality time on the floor. Great job boys!

The varsity ladies’ basketball team faced Lincoln for the second time this season.  Lincoln was looking to avenge a loss and Hyde was looking to create some chemistry since this was the first time since December that the team was not missing a key component or two.  The game went back and forth in the first half with Lincoln taking a slight lead at halftime.  The chemistry for Hyde was lacking on the offensive front with rushed shots and passive ball movement.  Defensively the team was working hard and closing the gaps.  Hyde came out somewhat flat after halftime and Lincoln took a 10-point lead.  Hyde fought back behind the great offensive play of Katherine Hagood ’13 and Cashmir Fulcher ’15.  With four minutes to go and some fine defensive stops, the team clawed their way back to within two.  The effort was there but the team’s Achilles heel, working together offensively, tripped them up.   Hats off to Lincoln for a great effort.

Facing obstacles from Mother Nature, the indoor track team (that practices outdoors) has seen the culmination of a great season.  Although competitions were infrequent, the team saw improved fitness, form, and attitude throughout the snow storms and iced walkways that served as our race track.  Every afternoon revealed smiles and cheers, encouraging teammates to push harder, run faster, and be stronger.  Team leaders Matt Wysocki ’13Felipe Azevedo ’14Parker Roma ’14 and Amelia Lyle ’14 inspired the other runners and always demonstrated their best efforts in every team meeting.  Whether it was flaunting running tights, beating a coach in a race, or inventing creative nicknames for every team member, the indoor/outdoor track athletes exemplified making the best of a sometimes undesirable scenario and revealed great athletic potential.  Performance standouts for the season include Jay Watkins PG, who finished either first or second in the 55-yard dash at every meet, and Parker Roma ’14 who took third in the 300-yard race at the Philips Andover meet.  In its second season, winter track proved more accepting, malleable, and fun, giving a great, low-stakes athletic option for winter sports.

International Week

The first International Week on the Hyde-Woodstock campus kicked off this Monday with a series of events and presentations highlighting heritage and culture. As a continuum of the multicultural workshop held in the fall, the creation of International Week aims to promote cultural immersion and reciprocation on campus while encouraging students to take a deeper look into the development and effects of one’s multicultural identities. Twenty-five students, both international and domestic, have stepped up to participate in the preparation and execution of international week. Activities included:

  • Preparation of bulletin boards spotlighting students from around the globe,
  • Preparations of a menu of international cuisines and promotion of hunger awareness through an OXFAM activity,
  • Presentation of facts on heritage, gender roles, political impacts, and pop-culture of different countries.

The culmination of International Week will take place on Saturday where students will view a documentary called “Brownstones to Red Dirt,” followed by a discussion and recap of events. Rongpei “Tina” Zhang ’13, Dawit Kiflemariam ’15, Hagop Ahrens ’14, Yoomi Ji ’13, and Jing Yang ’13 all exhibited an elevated level of leadership throughout the week, connecting current issues and cultural observations to their own upbringing and experiences. Other key participants for the week include Danny Shaw-Vicente ’15, Dong “Kevin” Ding ’13, Magomed Shaydaev ’16, Joey Fan ’13, Yichaun “Clement” Hong ’16, Yingrui “Lily” Sun ’14, Yulong “Mike” Yao ’15, Lucas Richards ’14, Zeyi “Kenny” Zhang ’14, Shan Shan Wang ’14, Xiaokun “Kitty” Zhang ’14, Xiaotong “Joyce” Zhang ’16 , Li Yuan “Justine” Zhang ’14, Christian Ejiga ’14, Kenny Grant ’14, Seung Hyun Kong ’16, and Felipe Azevedo ’14.  Much thanks to faculty members Tracy Shih and Colleen Warnick for their work to make this week become something special. It was amazing to hear students share the special aspects of their culture and also to see how we are all connected. As Feda Durisic ’14 said, “Imagine a place with sandy beaches as spectacular as Hawaii’s, rugged peaks as dramatic as Switzerland’s, canyons nearly as deep as Colorado’s, castles as elegant as Venice’s and towns as old as Greece’s. Then wrap it up in a Mediterranean climate and squish it into an area two-thirds the size of Wales and you start to get a picture of Montenegro.”

Hyde is truly becoming a global school!                                 LDG/DM


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