Hyde Weekly: February 2 – February 8, 2013

This is an informal e-communication from Hyde-Bath and Hyde-Woodstock, intended to share highlights, signs of growth, issues that are being addressed and thoughts from the Heads of School. Its purpose is to bring the Hyde parents and the larger community into the school culture.


Headmaster’s Weekend

Senior Ethan Blatt riding the bull.

This year’s Headmaster’s Weekend was a resounding success. We have been holding this stress busting weekend for over 15 years. The weekend kicked off with a show featuring performances from our Songwriter’s Workshop participants. Held at the Frontier Café in Brunswick, our performers showcased their talents in front of a sold out crowd. New this year to Headmaster’s holiday was a “Black Light“ themed dance put on by Hope Stinson ’14 and Ben Fusco ’14. Hyde-Bath invited students from the Maine preparatory school Kents Hill to join us Saturday night for the festivities.  A good time was had by all. On Sunday, the students departed on a field trip of choice.  Offerings included skiing, indoor karting, and smelt fishing trips as well as trips to Freeport and the Maine Mall.  Monday brought dorm Olympics which pits the dorms against each other in epic events such as the obstacle course, sumo wrestling, jousting, ping pong, trivia and riding the bull!  When it was all said and done, the Deck House won this year’s trophy!

Faculty Seminar

The faculty did a Hot Seat evaluation exercise with each other during their regular monthly seminar.  Each faculty member took his or her turn receiving comments from peers regarding their strengths and then their challenges.  The peer evaluation covers aspects of both the teacher’s personal and professional lives.  After the exercise, there was time to share reflections on what was learned and to also have follow-up conversations to explore and elucidate on other’s observations.

Some faculty comments were:

“It’s a great process and a rewarding one.  Coming away from it, there is always something important to work on.”

“It is satisfying to receive feedback that reflects the progress you have made in areas that you have been working on.”

“It is always a gratifying experience.  To be able to engage in such a process with your colleagues is one of the benefits of working at the school.  

School Meetings

This week’s school meeting was conducted in an all-female group and an all-male group.  At the female meeting the girls discussed their relationships with their mothers and how that impacted their lives.  Many girls saw connections between the strengths and challenges they saw in their mothers and what they have found in themselves.  The discussion began to raise questions for the girls about understanding their mothers and how that may impact their own development into mature females.

The male school meeting considered and discussed the following questions:

1. What have you learned from your father or another significant male about being an adult?

2. What have you learned from your mother or another significant female in your life about being an adult?

3. What have you learned from the male adults in your life about appropriate ways to relate to men?  About appropriate ways to relate to women?


The meeting ended with the fathers amongst the faculty members sharing what they see as the most important things to teach their own sons.


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Do I have ten?

Last Friday, the students and faculty who are going on the Habitat for Humanity trip this spring break hosted an all-school auction in order to raise funds for their trip. On the auction block were various donations from faculty and staff as well as donations from businesses in town. Auctioneers Jon Mellinger, Steve Sheehan, and Russ Varney facilitated a lively and competitive auction, and everybody eagerly jumped in and fought for coveted items which included:

  • ·Baked cookies once-a-month by Mrs. Horstmann in the Dean’s Area
  • Laundry done by the Head of School, along with dinner out
  • Job replacement to be used at a moment’s notice
  • Handmade items from Sue Schofield

Students and faculty described the auction as “fun and different” and a “night of great energy.”  The auction was a huge success as the group raised $3,300 thanks to the generosity of the school and the larger community. The group will travel to Stafford, Texas during the first week of March in order to construct homes alongside other volunteers and Habitat for Humanity partner families.  Hats off to Alexander Keyes who organized and led the effort.

All School Event…Happy to do it!

This past Saturday, Hyde-Woodstock hosted the Northern New England Invitational Tournament.  This tournament was started over 15 years ago by Hyde-Bath Coach Bill Baron.  This year, it was our turn to host.  The entire community jumped in to set-up, staff and clean this 14-team tournament and the “Happy to Do It” attitude was felt throughout the gym.  The wrestling began at 10:00 AM and the Wolf Pack earned several early wins that put the team into fourth place.  Although we couldn’t hold this lead, it was impressive to see our young team put forth this much effort.  Some highlights included Paul Randall ’15, Doug Main ’15, Dylan Marx ’14, Colin Studwell ’14, Quyan “Andrew” Wang ’14, Holt Brown ’14, and Doug Main ’15 who all earned one win in the tournament.  These pins were what gave our team the boost in points.  Sean McCrystal ’13 and Scott Leonard ’14 added more points to the team score by earning two pins for the day.  The biggest points for the day came from our three place winners.  Brian O’Dea ’13 battled against some tough opponents winning 4 out of his 5 matches and earning him a third place medal.  Greg Munetz ’13 entered the tournament in the unlimited weight class.  This was his first competition for the season and he came out on top in a three-man round robin.  He handily defeated his two opponents with phenomenal pins to earn a first place medal.  Team captain Marcos Mercado ’14 walked through the tournament with three quick pins to earn him a first place medal.  In total, he wrestled less than 3 minutes and dominated his weight bracket.  As a final highlight, the Hyde Wolf Pack was unanimously voted as the team with the “best sportsmanship.”  This was an honor for the whole school, since it was the helpful and happy attitudes of all those involved that made coaches see our school as one founded in character.  “Overall, this was the best tournament I have been a part of and I look forward to the next time we host this event.  This was Hyde at our best!” Many comments were shared throughout the day about both Hyde teams, including one coach who said about a Hyde wrestler, “He was a class act. He come over shook my hand and said, ‘He really got me today.’ That was impressive.”

Time to Take a Break

The students enjoyed some down time this past Headmaster’s Weekend, which started with a surprise sleep-in on Friday in preparation for a full day of work at the wrestling tournament.  Activities included:

  • Sunday sleep-in and Super Bowl party
  • Boston trip
  • Natick Mall shopping and movie trips
  • Mani/pedi appointments
  • Paintball

It was a weekend to catch up on sleep, homework, college work and most importantly, build community.  

The Artists in Residence

In Studio Art, students are collaborating in small groups to create activist prints. Each group decided on their intended message – some chose global issues, others more localized issues – and designed and carved imagery into their printing blocks. They are now using the printmaking technique to produce and reproduce posters that bring social awareness to their selected issue. In Graphic Design, students are rebranding existing companies by redesigning their product labels. Keep an eye out for the new look of John Rigney’s honey!

Tuesday night, the art department held an Art Opening in the first floor lounge of Warren Hall.  Students proudly showed off their work and wowed the crowd. Those students whose work was exhibited were as follows:  CERAMIC STUDENTS – Rong “Martin” Ma’13, Rodney Felder ’14, Kyle Scuoteguazza ’15, Stephen Southwell ’14, Kai Bixby ’15, Yuxin “Frank” Dong ’14, Yiren Jiang ’13, Quinn McGuire ’15, Yujing “Jessica” Shao ’14, Aine Zaniewski ’13, Omri West ’16, Shanshan Wang ’14, Naiwen Zhang ’14.

STUDIO ART STUDENTS – Qinze “Leo” Cao ’14, Josh Fennessey ’14, Virginia Garrity ’14, Tyler Jenkins ’15, Seung Hyun Kong ’16, Destin Oliveira ’14, Mike Paradis ’15, Parker Roma ’14, Cheng “Kevin” Wang ’16, Conor Cavanagh ’15, Elaina Goldberg ’13, Katherine Hagood ’13, Do Hyun “Andrew” Kim ’15, , Sean Kokdil ’13, Jenna Kowalski ’13, Tianyi “Tiffany” Liu ’15, Hannah Peters ’13, Henry Rothenberg ’16, Quyan “Andrew” Wang ’14, Koray Altay ’15, Sam Bell ’15, Joey Burns ’14, Amanda Diedrick ’13, Dong “Kevin” Ding ’13, Tyquan Ekejiuba ’13, Joey Fan ’13, Zhixin “Sarah” Fan ’15, Owen Jean-Jacques ’13, Lauren Maloney ’13, Sam Valentine ’13, Kuo Hsiang “Stanley” Yao ‘ 13.

GRAPHIC DESIGN STUDENTS – Nathan Brostoff ’14, Kal Lemoine ’14, Destin Oliveira ’14, Cameron 

Parzick ’14, Sean Pease ’14, Sarah Walworth ’16, Xiaofeng “Jack” Yan ’13.

All in all, it was an exciting week and a time to catch our breath before settling in for the rest of the winter term.


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