Bath: JV Wrestling Ends Season on Strong Note

This past Saturday, the Junior Varsity Wrestling team traveled to Andover, Massachusetts for their last regularly scheduled meet at Phillips Andover Academy.  The JV squad was met there by Northfield Mount Hermon, Cardigan Mountain School, Eagle Hill School, Phillips Academy, and Exeter Academy.  The day was highlighted by great performances by James Lee, Ross Ji, and Michael McInerney.  But even better than any match, was the teams’ positive attitude, effort, passion, and eagerness to do anything that helped their team.

                Lightweight James Lee won his first match of his wrestling career. His match on Saturday was a true testament to the hard work he’s been putting into our practices with varsity. James went out on the mat with intensity and the desire to win. Scoring three takedowns and putting heavy pressure on his opponent, James won his match 6-0.  Ross Ji had three matches, in each he battled tough and didn’t go down without a fight.  In his second match, Ross Ji completed a wonderful takedown and then proceeded to pin his opponent in the first period, securing a W.  Senior Michael McInerney also had three competitions on the day.  In his first match, McInerney battled his opponent into the third period, with the score at 4-7 his opponent took him down and completed the pin.  McInerney did not let this discourage him, and he went out in his second match and beat his adversary in three full periods with a score of 6-4.

                Other great performances include first year wrestler Karl Shen, new-comers to wrestling Leo Wang and Jason Tang, and the scrappy Sam Mann.  Having three matches on the day, Karl Shen went into his third and final match against an opponent who had beat him in 20 seconds during a previous meet.  Shen battled his opposition for the entire duration of the match, not allowing him to pin and fairing much better than his previous bout.  Having only ben wrestling for three weeks, new-comers Jason Tang, Ben Guo, and Leo Wang put forth exceptional performances in each of their matches.  In his first ever live match, Leo Wang lasted the entire three periods, he would lose on points 8-3, but exceeded all expectations and gave his best possible effort.  Jason Tang was matched up against much more experienced and skilled opponents, but he did not let that deter him.  Jason Tang fought as hard as anyone else who stepped onto the mat in both of his matches.  Lightweight Ben Guo would also pick up his first career victory in only his second ever meet.  Ben Guo dominated his opponent, completing a handful of takedowns and even a pair of slams.

                Although the Junior Varsity Wrestling season has had its share of ups and downs throughout the year, the team ended the season on the highest of notes.  The amount of effort, energy, passion, and willingness to go above and beyond the expectations was all a coach could ask for.  Though the team does not have any more officially scheduled meets, they will still be working hard and preparing throughout their practices.  Stay tuned for future announcements in regards to upcoming matches or possible show-cases.