Wolfpack JV Wrestling in Dual, Tri- and Five-Team Meets

JV Wrestling Hosts Rectory in Dual Meet:

The Wolfpack hosted Rectory in a dual meet. This was the second time the Wolfpack competed in a meet against Rectory this season. The competition was fierce and each wrestler fought their hardest. Rectory came out victorious however it was not an easy victory for them. Out of the twelve matches played, Rectory won ten. Although Ethan Goldberg ’14 and Yiren Jiang ’14 did not win their matches they fought for three rounds and did not let their opponent pin them. The victories from the Wolfpack came from Andrew Wang ’14 andMike Yao ’15. Wang pinned his opponent in the second round while Yao fought until the very end to come up with an exciting 11-9 win over his opponent.

JV Wrestling Hosts Northfield Mount Hermon and Eagle Hill in Tri-Meet:

The Wolfpack competed in a Tri-Meet with NMH and Eagle Hill. This was the third and fourth time, respectively, competing against these teams this season. As we knew from earlier meets this season these matches would be very tough and no one was going to lay down and get pinned. The Wolfpack took third place but had shown much improvement from previous matches. With help from some Varsity wrestlers, Paul Randall ’15  and Dylan Marx ’15, the Wolfpack was able to take home some wins. Randall went one for four on the day pinning his opponent from Eagle Hill. Marx won all three of his matches on the day. He pinned an opponent from Eagle Hill, and fought until the end against his other opponents from NMH to win by points, 8-7 and 10-2 respectively.  The most exciting win of the day came from a JV Wolfpack wrestler Jack Yan ’13 who pinned his opponent in a banana split, arguably one of the most embarrassing moves for a wrestler to be pinned.

JV Wrestling Road Trips to NMH to Compete in a Five Team Meet:

 The Wolfpack drove over state lines to compete against Northfield Mount Hermon, Eagle Hill, Loomis, and Cardigan. The Wolfpack was slim in numbers compared to the first match only having ten wrestlers to compete for the day. The Wolfpack started off strong in the first round of matches pulling ahead of Loomis 20-14 but falling short to NMH, Eagle Hill and Cardigan. Standouts in the first round were Luke Kyriazis ’15, Jack Yan ’13,  and Anton Bockmeyer ’14. Yan won by points, 8-2, versus his opponent from Loomis. Kyriazis pinned his opponent from Loomis as did Bockmeyer. Bockmeyer competed in his first match of the season, shooting right off the whistle and pinning his opponent in twelve seconds. The second and third round matches were not as strong as our first. However, Hagop Ahrens ’14  andVaughan Blehl ’16 both pinned their opponents in the second and third rounds respectively. The Wolfpack keeps improving every match they have. We now have two weeks to prepare for JV New Englands and it will be exciting to see the team reach their full potential.

Coach Sheehan