Hyde Weekly: January 26 – February 1, 2013

This is an informal e-communication from Hyde-Bath and Hyde-Woodstock, intended to share highlights, signs of growth, issues that are being addressed and thoughts from the Heads of School. Its purpose is to bring the Hyde parents and the larger community into the school culture.


Songwriter’s Workshop

The 9th annual Songwriter’s Workshop began this week with participants from Hyde-Bath, Hyde-Woodstock and guest participants from local schools.  Each budding songwriter is challenged to write an original piece during the program with many of the pieces scheduled to be performed live this Friday at the Frontier in Brunswick.  The school got a sampling at Thursday’s school meeting of what is to come Friday evening from Woodstock students Evan Berger ’14 and Elaina Goldberg ’13 and Hyde-Bath’s Sonya Kobayashi ’15.  The facilitators for this year’s group included Lisa Redfern, Alex Sandman, former Hyde faculty member, Mark Radcliffe and current Hyde parent Chris Vrenios.

Honor Guard Announced

Congratulations to all of the students who received Honor Guard recognition for the most recent Honors/Warnings period.  The following students received four or more Honors, no more than one Transition and no Warnings:




Double honors

Connor Champagne ’13

Lutes Bartlett ’16 

Kiefer Cundy ’15

Chloe Blaylock ’16

Cailin Darling ’13

Erika Corley ’13

Aidan Dorvee ’15

Kara Fischer ’13

Caroline Hammond’13

Imani Hiller-Bateau ’15

Yong Ho “Ross” Ji ’16

Emma Leonard ’14

Sonya Kobayashi ’15

Jiamei “Ferina” Li ’14

Zachary Leighninger ’13

Yilong “Richard” Liu ’14

Chang-Hao “Nicky” Li ’13

Matthew Lupovich ’14 

Wyatt Lichtenger ’14

James Lynch ’15

Ethan Morrow ’13

Wilson MacMillan ’14

Heaven Redd ’16

Benjamin Mooney ’16

Zeyuan  Tang ’15

Carolyn Moore ’14

Hang “Lewis” Zhao ’15

Brianna Reeves-Eliopoulos ’14

Ziwei “Purple” Zhao ’13

Ou “Austin” Wang ’13

Xi Wang ’14

Gunnar Whiting ’16

Biology in Practice

Eve Amato ’13, Ibe Mokeme ’16, Margot King ’16 and Isaac the seal.

On Wednesday, faculty members Mukhaye Muchimuti and Colin Foye took their biology classes on their annual field trip to the New England Aquarium.  Both classes are currently learning about the theories of evolution and nature’s ability to adapt to its surroundings.  The Aquarium was the perfect opportunity for students to witness a wide variation of aquatic life and how they interact with their environment.  By observing, studying, and asking questions, they are better able to relate what is learned in the classroom to what is going on in the natural world.

Not to Miss:



Performance with Purpose

After weeks of preparation, the U.N.I. Dance Team had their first out of school performance. In honor of MLK Day, the Pomfret School welcomed us to open for the nationally known Alpha Phi Alpha Step Team. Despite technical difficulties in the beginning, captains Alina Donnelly ’13 and Thomas Nixon ’14 led the team throughout a great step and dance routine. Everyone worked together, was highly energetic, and looked as if they were having the times of their lives. They were full of personality and character and represented Hyde in the right way. What made us one unit was the support and enthusiasm from the crowd and especially our fans from Hyde. The celebration lasted through the night and Lizzie Lingyi Xu ’14 had a break through moment when she strutted her stuff across the dance floor displaying her wide range of talent. Faculty member Shauntay Hallett said, “I was very proud to watch my team in action and now we go back to the studio to focus on our final performance in February.”


Inspiring Talk about College

Hyde School was honored to welcome Marty O’Connell, Executive Director of Colleges that Change Lives, Inc. (CTCL) to speak to the student body.  CTCL is a non-profit organization with a mission to encourage a student-centered college search process.  Mrs. O’Connell has over 35 years of experience counseling students and families in the college process.

Mrs. O’Connell encouraged students to carefully consider why they want to go to college.  Each student must then make the commitment to conduct in-depth research on what colleges have to offer while evaluating their own personal profile and fit.  In an interactive demonstration, students showed the many interests and talents they bring to the table – from athletics to a love of poetry.  At the end of the presentation, Lucas Richards ’14 shared, “You gave me a good sense of how powerful my essay could be.”  Chris Travis ’13 expressed, “This talk has really helped my understanding of the process.”

Mrs. O’Connell shared with us her recipe for ADMIT:

A – Actions mean more than words. Practice, practice.

D – Determination – Never under-estimate the power of being determined.

M – Mindfulness – Turn off the distractions and get down to business.

I – I am responsible for my goals. Visualize your future.

T – Time Management – Procrastination is your biggest enemy.

College Director Tricia Uber said, “I was excited to have Mrs. O’Connell speak to our entire community because I feel her message connects so closely with our philosophy at Hyde School. The college process truly is a time to look for a place that is the right “fit” for students to continue on their journey to reach their unique potential.”

Opportunities through Teamwork

The Phoenix Club, now in its third week of existence this academic year, is ready to graduate its first three members, Joey Burns ’14, Sufeng “Jerry” Wang ’16 and Andrew Kim ’15.  The program’s mission is to instill in its members, productive habits of diligence, self-initiated redirection, and collaborative study.  Led by eight upperclassmen and faculty members Michael Gaines and Russ Varney, the group dines together, studies together, and handles accountability together.  By connecting individual choices to a collective status, the Phoenix Club strives to emphasize the notion that individuals cannot successfully function solo in society; actions inevitably have an effect on those in one’s life, and individuals greatly benefit from the support and challenge provided by others. Mr. Gaines said, Joey, Jerry and Andrew have only themselves to credit with their successes in the past two weeks.”

Lady Wolf Pack Rocks

The women’s varsity basketball headed into the week with an 8-2 record and they were also undefeated in conference play. Without their entire line-up available to play, the ladies faced Falmouth in a league match-up.  The team got into foul trouble early putting Falmouth on the line which led to 6 of their 9 points in the first half.  Janicha Diaz-Carrion ’14 and Maureen Bellwoar ’13 kept Hyde in the game with their offensive effort.  The press kept Falmouth on their heels in the first half leading to a slim 5-point lead for the lady Wolf Pack.  Falmouth kept the game close in the second half, coming within one point with 36 seconds left in the game.  Samri Krogmann ’14 stepped up offensively scoring all 6 of her points.  Katherine Hagood ’13 scored a lay-up off of a beautiful pass by Janicha to give the team a three point lead.  In the next play, Samri Krogmann ’14 stole the ball and put in a lay-up to secure the victory.  Great win!

Get ready for our all-school event!

The school met in the wrestling room to promote the Northern New England Wrestling Tournament that we will be hosting this coming Saturday.  After an explanation of our role in the meet, wrestling Coach Wes Jenkins and veteran wrestler Marcos Mercado ’14 explained what they value about the sport.  They also gave us a demonstration of their favorite moves and explained the intricacies of scoring.  With that under our belts, we settled in to watch some live matches pitting faculty against faculty and students against faculty.  In a hotly contested first match, first year faculty member Jon Mellinger fell to second year faculty member Mike Gaines.  Up next was a battle of the Mainers with Dan Wyand dominating Russ Varney, despite suffering a nose bleed.  Veteran faculty member Sean Saucier took on Mike Gaines and Marcos Mercado toyed with Dan Wyand which eventually led to Sean Saucier losing to Marcos in the tournament finals.  In a final match-up basketball Coach Thomas Bragg displayed his wrestling skills against senior Greg Munetz ’13.   It was an energetic meeting.

Finally, the senior and faculty met in our weekly partnership meeting and discussed the graduation which is four months away. At Hyde, each senior makes a two-minute speech while their family stands in the audience. Elements of the Hyde graduation speech include:

  • Vision for the future
  • Defining moments during the Hyde education
  • Gratitude

Each senior made an impromptu two-minute speech in front of small groups.  As the seniors said, “This was eye opening.”  “It was harder than I thought.”  “It helped me to realize what I need to do in the next few months.”      LDG/DM

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