Stars of the Week: January 29, 2013

Each week students, faculty, and staff at Hyde-Woodstock nominate members of the community for random acts of kindness and good will.

I would like to unanimously nominate Mr. Sauce for star of the week. At the last morning meeting they were talking about how the word was concern and said to encourage those around you who you have a good or bad concern for, he gave me a pat on the leg and said “your doin’ pretty well Kai and I’m proud of you”. I don’t know why this made such an impact on me but I have thought of that moment every single day and it has actually made ME feel proud. Anyway I don’t want to ramble so I’ll stop but yes I would like to nominate Mr. Sauce for star of the week. Thanks so much.

I’d like to nominate Molly Pearson and Matt Wysocki. During drama crew on Wednesday, a trash barrel ended up falling into the back of the dumpster. Without hesitation, these two pushed through the crowd and dove right in (quite literally) to fetch it out, turning an otherwise unpleasant scenario into one that was rather humorous and team building. Fantastic “happy to do it” attitudes.

Tony Shao was super helpful on Rapid Response and got many students to class on Thursday- great happy to do it attitude!

Alex Holland helped the Habitat for Humanity group sell hamburgers to raise money for the trip during his free time!

Lilly Sun Was happy to help last weekend when a new student was expected to arrive.  She greeted the family, helped arranged for rooming, and made herself available for whatever was needed that day.  Hope to see more from Lilly as she continues to challenge herself as a leader and partner with faculty.

I would like to nominate Miss Uber for a star of the week for her tireless effort in the college office.  She has been patient but firm and has balanced dealing with the students and their parents with relative ease.  My hat is off to you and your office.

Hi, I would like to nominate Eliana Goldberg for a star of the week this week.  She really went “over and above” during the Sibling FLC, spending Saturday with Lindsey while Brian was at wrestling. She made Lindsey feel comfortable and welcome, and although it didn’t completely make up for Brian not being there, I know that it helped out a lot.  So thank you Eliana!!

I would like to nominate my right hand wo-man, Sam Frisoli.  Being solo with the Varsity Wrestlers is not an easy task. Whether it is long bus rides, lots of necessary paperwork and scoring, or random favors needed, I couldn’t do my job as well without Sam by my side. She jokingly calls herself Samanger, and pesters me every day about getting an embroidered jacket, yet it is her diligence, sense of humor, and responsibility which makes her indispensable to our team. To give you an idea of how many ridiculous tasks she has, she spent yesterday’s practice in the closet tying up our new throwing dummy, which she also helped to get all the supplies to stuff it with. Thanks Samanger, you are truly a star!