Hyde School to Host Northern New England Wrestling Invitational

Team Captain Marcos Mercado '14
Hyde-Woodstock Team Captain Marcos Mercado ’14

Hyde Boarding School will host the Northern New England Wrestling Invitational on Saturday, February 2 at its Woodstock, Connecticut campus.

The Wrestling Invitational brings together teams from the Class A, Independent School, and Eastern Independent leagues to compete.

Wrestlers who win their weight class will be tournament champions and can qualify to be New England and National Prep championship contenders.

“We’re very excited to host this invitational,” says Sean Saucier, the director of athletics at the Woodstock campus. “It is a great opportunity for our athletes to get to wrestle at home, as well as for our campus to cheer on the team.”

The meet will be held in the Krebs Family Gymnasium, beginning at 10 am.

Fourteen teams will be in attendance this year at the meet.

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