Strong Showing for Wolfpack Varsity Wrestling in Tri-meet at Pomfret School

On Wednesday, January 23rd, the Hyde Wolfpack varsity wrestlers traveled a short distance down the road to face-off against our neighboring rival, Pomfret School, and Avon Old Farms.  Although down several men due to illness and other reasons, we were ready for a showdown against two tough teams.

Hyde-Woodstock: 24

Avon Old Farms: 60

We opened up against Avon, a very tough dual meet team.  Avon had several ranked wrestlers in New England, and the first match was an important one for our team captain.  Marcos Mercado ’14 faced off against Avon’s captain, Vince Deblasio.  Deblasio had recently beaten the #1 ranked kid in New England in a 2-0 decision, and Marcos needed a solid win here to make his ranking known for the NE tournament.  It was a tense match with a lot of scrambling in the first period.  By the third period, Marcos had a solid lead in points, but he was not satisfied and went for the pin.  He successfully pinned Deblasio in the last 30 seconds of the match, and now has made the ranking a little more difficult to figure out.  The only other win of this match up was made by Dylan Marx ’15, who has continued to show himself to be a tough competitor.  Also of note was Dawit Kiflemariam ’15, who fought for over 5 minutes against a very tough opponent before being pinned.

Hyde-Woodstock: 39

Pomfret School: 42


After watching Avon and Pomfret go head to head, we knew we were in for a tough match.  It was definitely going to come down to one or two matches with our rival.  Hyde had a strong showing against Pomfret, and technically had more legitimate wins.  We won 5 out of the 8 matches, whereas the other matches were forfeits.  Sean-Michael McCrystal ’13, Dawit Kiflemariam ’15, Colin Studwell ’14, and Holt Brown ’14 all had solid pins against their opponents and raised the team spirits as we watched the scoreboard see-saw throughout the matches.  With the score 36-42, we entered our final match.  Team captain Marcos Mercado ’14 was to face off against Pomfret’s undefeated 132lb. wrestler Nick Mazzarella.  With a pin here, Marcos would have forced a tie-breaker which would have went in our favor since we had more pins then the opposition.  After a grueling 6 minute struggle, Marcos come out on top with a 10-6 decision against one of Pomfret’s best.  Although he was able to end the winning streak of his opponent, he was unable to get the pin.  In many ways, I saw this match as a clear victory which was redeeming from last year’s “victory” over Pomfret.  Last year we won, but it was due to forfeits from their team.  This year we lost due to forfeits, but actually won in the head to head match ups.

With this match behind us, we have a little rest and will not have another match until Monday the 28th against another local rival, Marianapolis Prep.  Wish us luck!


Coach Jenkins