Hyde-Woodstock Stars of the Week, January 18, 2013

Each week students, faculty, and staff at Hyde-Woodstock nominate members of the community for random acts of kindness and good will.

Yesterday I was walking back to warren after lunch and while crossing the street we noticed a large paper bag in the middle of the road. Aine Zaniewski said we should pick it up but we would’ve had to walk in the snow and stay in the cold longer. But Aine did it anyway. She crossed the road a picked up the bag. In the process she got wet and we all got colder but Aine set a good example of doing the right thing no matter what. (Example of a categorical imperative)

I would like to nominate Alex Appel for star of the week. Alex has taken on running lights and sound for drama with great gusto. He stays past everyone else on the team in order to make sure we have the lights/tech we need and then to shut it down. I’ve been very impressed by his work in the booth and his enthusiasm to make that his area of expertise.

This past Sunday some students left a mess in the ceramics room and Donald Anthony and Molly Pearson spent time cleaning it all up. Also Donald spends much of his free time preparing recycled clay for other students in Ceramics.

Jenna Dubinsky went above and beyond in her welcoming energy for the Hyde Bronx seniors on campus last weekend. Vigilant in her pursuit of sharing and free time between the Woodstock and Bronx students, she made sure that fun & friendship were major parts of the experience.

CHRIS KERDAVID!!!!!  He deserves super nova of the week…On Saturday, when half of Drama crew didn’t show up, Chris stepped up and offered to help by sweeping the kitchen. I think this is the type of attitude that deserves a lot of recognition.  Also, he had hurt his hand in some way during wrestling earlier in varsity practice. He came to dinner and noticed that JV wrestling crew did not have enough people show up. So he decided to jump in without any heads up and help us do crew faster than we have ever done it.

I would like to nominate Mr. Sheehan as a star of the week.  He jumped into wrestling with a passion, even though he had no experience.  He has become a great leader and teacher in general, and his honesty is like none other. He should be nominated for doing what he’s doing and continuing keeping up the good work.

I would like to nominate the Varsity Wrestling team for their determination to push past the struggles of a young team and some tough losses to believe they could be winners at the recent tri-meet. When I heard the story of each match in the Hyde/Hyde line up, it was clear why wrestling is so intensely individual and also all about the team. Each wrestler seemed to draw strength from the one before and inch by inch, the team set themselves up to have a shot at victory. Thanks for inspiring us this week to never count ourselves out!