Hyde Wolfpack V Wrestling Finishes 8th out of 13 at the BIT

Hyde-Woodstock: 67 pts – 8th overall


Hyde-Woodstock traveled to the Brunswick School this past Saturday, January 19th, to compete in the annual Brunswick Invitational.   The tournament is composed of 13 schools, mostly from southwestern Connecticut, as well as New York.  The BIT has always been a great tournament to attend since it gives our wrestlers a chance to compete against new opponents that they usually don’t see during the regular season.  Although we have a very young squad, the Hyde wrestlers all did their part to put some points on the board.  Doug Main ’15, Paul Randall ’15, Dylan Marx ’15, Stephen Southwell ’15 and Jonathan White ’15 all went 1-2 for the day.  Their wins helped Hyde move into 8th place, and were important for the team morale.  Brian O’Dea ’13 went 3-2 for the day, and unfortunately lost his last match which would have put him into the consolation  finals for third and fourth place.  Colin Studwell ’14 also went 3-2 for the day, but since his first lost came in the championship quarter finals, he was eligible to wrestle in the consolation finals.  After a tough loss, he ended up earning a fourth place trophy.  Team captain Marcos Mercado wrestled very well for the day and earned yet another champion bracket in the BIT.  He had won this tournament two years ago against the same exact Brunswick opponent, Jimmy Bell, but later lost to him in the New England Tournament.  It was apparent that Mercado had put in a tremendous amount of work in the off season and he dominated over Bell in the finals with a 10-6 win.  Hyde parent Scott Frisoli was in attendance and commented that after watching two hours of wrestling, Marcos seemed to be in a league of his own when comparing him with other matches.  The team rallied around our champion and the spirits were high even after being in the Brunswick gym for 13 hours.  It was a solid day with great effort by all, and we sight our sights on Pomfret, Avon and the American School for the Deaf.  We face these teams in a quad-meet at Pomfret on Wednesday.  Wish us luck,

Coach Jenkins