Stars of the Week, January 12, 2013

I nominate Henry Rothenberg because he stopped by guided to peer-tutor without being asked.  This was a simple act, yet showed his concern for others in the community. This was a great example of a selfless learning attitude and leading in academics.

When Destin got off the New York bus she had four large suitcases and two smaller bags. Being a fairly small person, she couldn’t get it all to Warren in one trip by herself. No one that she asked would help her with the bags, so she tried (and failed) to drag them all at once. When she went by the Wolf Den window at an impressive speed of .02 miles an hour, Sean-Michael McCrystal spotted her and quickly jumped up to help. He took three of her suitcases and one bag all the way to the elevator in warren without having to be asked. This is a perfect example of the leadership and selflessness that we strive to see in our community.

Dawitt Kiflemariam stayed after breakfast was over and helped dish room by cleaning around the garbage opening and bringing in plates left behind. When asked if he was on crew he responded with “nah, just being helpful.”  Thanks for your help!

Jesse Schwartz, Aine Zaniewski, Sam Frisoli, Conor McLaughlin. Tour guides extraordinaire! Always happy-to-do-it. They always do a great job of introducing new students and parents to Hyde School and are tremendous ambassadors for our school. Thank you!

I nominate the JV Wrestling team. They did not know they were on dinner crew last Friday. As each wrestler came through the line and were told, Mrs. Dubinsky expected a lot of complaints. Not one wrestler complained. Every one of them just said ok and went to see what job they would do. So for a Happy-to-do-it attitude, she nominates the JV Wrestling team!

Seung Hyun Kong—Kong has been off to a great start in Drama. He jumped right into the show—his effort to learn the song and the blocking has been marked. Keep up the good work Kong!