Hyde-Woodstock Presents “Urinetown: The Musical”

Urinetown: The Musical

Drama students at Hyde School will perform Urinetown: The Musical on Friday, February 15 and Saturday, February 16 at 8:00 pm in the Hyde School Cultural Center.

Set in a town plagued by a 20-year drought, Urinetown tells the tale of a place where it is a “privilege to pee.” Bobby Strong, played by Julian Goldenberg ’13, assists Ms. Penelope Pennywise, played by Molly Pearson ‘PG, in running Public Amenity Number Nine. After seeing his father carted away for peeing illegally by Officer Lockstock, played by Michael Dore ’13, Bobby decides to take matters into his own hands and take over the urinal.

Matters are further complicated by Bobby’s newfound love for Hope Cladwell, played by Eliana Goldberg ’13, the daughter of the owner of Urine Good Company and the manager of all the public amenities in town, Caldwell B. Cladwell, played by Yiren Shao ’13. With Lockstock doubling as a narrator with the help of Little Sally, played by Jane McCaffrey ’13, hilarity ensues as the revolution begins and people pee for free.

Directed by Laura Michaels, Steven Bertozzi, and Alexandra Keyes, the play will feature the following Hyde School students: post graduate Molly Pearson; seniors Eliana Goldberg, Jane McCaffrey, Julian Goldenberg, Yiren Shao, Michael Dore, and Chris Travis; and juniors James Howard and Zehua Chen.

Additionally, the stage crew, led by sophomore Alex Appel and faculty member Alexandra Keyes, continues to surpass past productions through their solid work in creating the set and lighting for the show.

Laura Michaels, the head director of the drama production, shared her excitement for the show this weekend. “The students of the Drama team should be very proud of their work this winter,” she said. “It has clearly been a team effort from theatrical veterans on down to those who are gracing the stage for the first time. We have laughed our way through learning this musical and are excited to share it with the audience!”

The show is free (although donations will be accepted and refreshments sold), and is open to the public on both evenings.