Wolfpack Varsity Wrestling Hosts Choate

Hyde-Woodstock: 12

Choate Rosemary Hall: 69

 Hyde-Woodstock hosted its second home meet of the season against Choate this Wednesday, January 9th.  Choate has been a team that has increased in strength over the past few years, and it seems that they are maintaining the momentum from last season with several returning wrestlers and some great new comers.  We were excited to host a dual meet and the energy in the room was evident.  We opened up at the 182 lb weight class, but quickly fell behind for the next seven matches.  Although we wrestled tough, many of our young men are still not skilled enough to execute the moves needed to gain the advantage in their matches.  It is great to see how they are learning to fight though, and many wrestlers avoided pins early in the match.  Our first win came from our team captain, Marcos Mercado ’14 who had an opponent who was as flexible and funky as he was.  The match went back and forth at first, with both wrestlers in some precariously balanced positions, but was quickly ended when Marcos hit his signature spladle on his opponent. (see picture below of the move)  Our only other win of the day was from Andrew Wang ’15 who stepped up to fill in for our usual 170lb wrestler.  He wrestled tough and was very coachable in his match, which led to a solid pin for him.  Also of note was Stephen Southwell ’14 who stepped up to be our 220lb wrestler.  Although new to the sport, his courage to step up combined with his effort on the mat bodes well for both him and our team this season.  That type of “can do” spirit is what makes wrestling such a great sport to coach.  Even though we lost the match, it is worth pointing out that the Choate coach made a point to say, “Your squad is tough this year, and in a few year’s you may have a squad that is tough to beat.”  It is always encouraging to hear this from other coach’s and it says a lot about our effort and teamwork.  Our next match is at Deerfield Academy against the host school, Phillips Andover, and Hyde-ME.  Wish us luck, especially against our sister school!



Coach Jenkins