Hyde Weekly: December 8 – December 14, 2012

This is an informal e-communication from Hyde-Bath and Hyde-Woodstock, intended to share highlights, signs of growth, issues that are being addressed and thoughts from the Heads of School. Its purpose is to bring the Hyde parents and the larger community into the school culture.



Annual Salvation Army Party

On Saturday, over fifty students volunteered to help with Hyde’s annual Salvation Army Christmas Party.  After our impressive fundraising efforts that totaled around $1200, we were able to host eighteen families who requested assistance from the Salvation Army this year.  The festivities included live holiday cello music, a full Christmas dinner prepared by our kitchen staff, and the arrival of Santa on a fire truck loaded with personalized gifts for each of the fifty children attending.  Our students acted as hosts to each family who attended and as elves, they assisted Santa and brought good cheer.  In addition, the tremendous set-up and clean-up efforts by the students did not go unnoticed.  Faculty member and party organizer Hillary Kidwell shared, “Organizing the party this year was a breeze with all of the support and enthusiasm from our staff and students.  This event reminds us all to be thankful for what we have and to give back whenever we are able.  I’m especially proud that our students stepped in and offered so much of themselves!”  The party was an excellent success, and an important reminder to our school that giving to others pays great rewards.

Senior Soliloquies under the Chandelier

On Tuesday, seniors had the opportunity to present their personal Senior Soliloquies under the chandelier.  As their first opportunity this year to practice public speaking and performance through the Senior English classes, they were asked to write a 20-line soliloquy, enhanced with figurative language and allusions, about a moment of conscience or struggle they have recently experienced.  Students’ topics included facing moments of quitting, questioning college options, and determining their own sense of potential.  The following seniors were chosen to perform in front of the school during the school-wide performances Thursday afternoon:  Ben Burlock, Katie Comeaux, Ziwei “Purple” Zhao (pictured to the left), Fangfei “Claire” Yin, Caroline Hammond, Ryan Cassidy, Billy Martinez, Moises Diaz, Tia Bauer-Hummel, and Nabil Eshraghian

 Emotional Intelligence

During the time between Thanksgiving and winter vacations, the students in English 11 have been reading Emotional Intelligence 2.0 by Travis Bradberry and Jean Greaves.  This unit of study actually was kicked off prior to the Thanksgiving vacation in a junior class meeting conducted by Hyde founder Joey Gauld.  The students were introduced to the concept of personality type as assessed by the Myers-Briggs type Indicator test.  Students were able to take an on-line version of the assessment to determine their preferences in regards to introversion vs. extroversion, thinking vs. feeling, intuition vs. sensing and judging vs. perceiving.   The book, Emotional Intelligence 2.0 includes exercises for increasing one’s emotional intelligence by focusing on the four main components of EQ:  self-awareness, self-management, social awareness and relationship management.  Students worked to become familiar with the concepts in the book as well as engaging in some of the exercises to gain a functional understanding.

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 Holiday Spirit

Last week, all 21 Discovery Groups participated in a Gingerbread House Contest, a holiday tradition started by our sister school, Hyde-Bronx.  Using a kit with a few extras, (groups could spend no more than $3 on additional edible items) the groups constructed colorful houses that had to include these four elements: a snowman, the letter “H,” a wolf and a car.  In the 75-minutes of house-making, you could hear students squealing and shouting (and some singing!) as they worked together with sugary icing, gumdrops, nerds, chuckles and other sweet goodies.   When completed, the houses were brought to the Dining Hall for judging by six Hyde staffers. Winners were announced at a school meeting and are as follows:

Most Creative:

Liz Atwood/Brooke Felt Discovery Group: Drew Handley ’14, Yoomi Ji ’13, Chris Kerdavid ’16, Peter Markham ’13, Kyle Scuoteguazza ’15, Stephen Southwell ’14, Lingyi “Lizzie” Xu ’14 and Li Yuan “Justine” Zhang ’14.

Most Christmas-y:

Cindy Warnick/Tracy Shih/ Lynn Dawes Discovery Group: Marcy Altobello ’13, Justin Ashkin ’14, Christian Ejiga ’13, Virginia Garrity ’14, Rina Pesner ’14, Paul Randall ’15, Gaffney Tucker ’14, Cheng “Kevin” Wang ’16 and Kuo Hsiang “Stanley: Yao ’13.

Most Hyde-like:

Pam Bertschy/Jon Mellinger Discovery Group: Joey Burns ’14, Janicha Diaz ’14, Lauren Maloney ’13, Sean-Michael McCrystal ’13, Justin Shulman ’14, Georgia Whiteford ’15, Xiatong “Joyce” Zhang ’16 and Rongpei “Tina” Zhang ’13.

You can see photos of the winning gingerbread entries HERE.

 Academic Awards

The community came together to celebrate the success and achievements of our students this past fall trimester.  The students listed below were singled out for their outstanding work in a particular discipline.


Most Improved

Most Valuable

Art Cheng “Kevin” Wang ’16

Tianyi “Tiffany” Liu ’15

Richard Fagan ’14

Xiaofeng “Jack” Yan ’13

Omri West ’16

Zhixin “Sarah” Fan ’15

Rodney Felder ’14

Connor McLaughlin ’13

Language Henry Rothenberg ’16

Reed Rowbotham ’15

Gaffney Tucker ’14

Greg Munitz ’13

Jiahui “Chris” Xu ’16

Dawit Kiflemariam ’15

Amelia Lyle ’14

Rongpei “Tina” Zhang ’13

Science Alex Appel ’16

Andrew Kim ’15

Josh Bouchard ’14

Nick Davis ’13

Yichaun “Clement” Hong ’16

Yizhou “Richard” Tang ’15

Rodney Felder ’14

Yiren “Tony” Shao ’13

Mathematics Chen Shen ’16

Duo “Edison” Yin ’15

Drew Handley ’14 

Xingkai “Steve” Wang ’13

Devin Peterson ’16

Douglas Main ’15

Feda Durisic ’14

Maureen Bellwoar ’13

History Yuyang “Aaron” Cao ’16

Quinn McGuire ’15

Kahala Lemoine ’14

Julian Mardenli ’13

Toby Obayashi ’16

Yulong “Mike” Yao ’15

Johnny Schaer ’14

Matt Wysocki ’13

English Cheng “Kevin” Wang ’16

Kyle Scuoteguazza ’15

Uzoma Agbasionye ’14

Alina Donnelly ’13

Omri West ’16

Tianyi “Tiffany” Liu ’15

Lucas Richards ’14

Aine Zaniewski ’13


Daniel Shaw-Vicente ’15 was awarded the 180° Award for the biggest academic turnaround from the previous trimester.  Congratulations to all of the award recipients.

Paying it forward

During the winter term, each Discovery Group has been working on community service projects. The process included planning to enhance the quality of someone’s life or situation. Many groups used time this week to complete their choices which included:

  • Gaines group – raising money to purchase extension cords, work lamps and clean-up supplies to be shipped to Occupy Staten Island to aid their recovery efforts following storm Sandy.
  • Folan group – This group has been doing a campus bottle drive to emphasize the importance of recycling. The money will be donated to a local day care group who works with area children.
  • Walsh group – They are buying food items to replenish the local food pantry in Thompson, CT.
  • Michaels group – They baked cookies and then delivered them to a local nursing home and enjoyed some holiday time with its residents.
  • Warnick group – This group of students jumped into working at a local farm to help out with “getting their hands dirty, making a difference and learning to be selfless.”


As we head into an important family time, let’s all work to be grateful for all we have and have the courage to support and challenge the best in each other. Happy Holidays!  LDG/DM


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