Bath: Sports Review: Swimming

Our Phoenix swimmers took to the water for our second, and last, home meet of the season against Waynflete and Thorton. Our men scored a total of 28 points and our women 18 in a “Double Dual” meet format.


It all began with an intense Girls 200 Medley Relay, with Hyde’s team of Margot King ’16, Eve Amato ’14, Katarina Ellison ’14, and Imani Hiller-Bateau ’15 kicking our way to a great start and immediately putting some points on the board with a time of 2:27:67. To put our meets into context, Thorton came with 47 swimmers and Waynflete with 25 to Hyde’s 14 this meet. Our races were hard fought and hard won but our swimmers have continued to impress me as a first time coach. They all model hard work, determination, and seriousness in the lanes and out. Looking across the pool to these much larger teams our swimmers remain undaunted and threw themselves into every race ready to give their all.


We have already begun to improve on our previous times, with Imani Hiller-Bateau ‘15 shaving off an impressive seven seconds from her previous 500 time (7:25:56) and Eduardo Gadsden ’13 almost a full second under his 50 freestyle sprint (30.88 sec). In addition, Thomas Pennington ‘13 raced a 500 yard freestyle despite a mounting sense of nervousness as we moved closer to the day of the meet. He finished with a time of 7:18:82 and was ready for more by the time the last event of the night, the Men’s 400 Free Relay, raced by Matthew Lupovich ’14, Eduardo Gadsden ’13, Thomas Pennington ’13, and Connor Champagne ’13, finally came around. They finished with a combined time of 4:46:18.


Two moments from this meet really stand out for me, the 100 yard freestyle swam by Nick Vrenios ’15  and the 100 yard butterfly swam by Katarina Ellison ’14. Nick left the pool beaming – so happy with how fast he swam (1:15:77) but already thinking ahead to how he could do better, remarking that if he tightens up his technique on the turns he could have taken off an “easy” half-second. Katarina struggled the entire week leading up to the meet with a terrible cough and difficult practices. We were not sure up until just minutes before the event if she would even be willing to compete but in the end she rallied for the team and put up a time of 1:30:90, one I’m sure she hopes to improve on in every meet to follow.


Up next for our Phoenix swimmers we hit the road and swim against Massabesic for our first away meet after the break. We are off to a strong start and I am nothing if not excited to see where this team can go.


I would also like to offer a well-deserved shout out to the over a dozen students and faculty, including our Head of School Don MacMillan, who turned up to our home meets to help time. We absolutely could not have done it without them!


Go Phoenix!