Wolfpack JV, Varsity Wrestling Host Hyde-Bath Phoenix

Hyde-Woodstock: 18

Hyde-Bath: 65

Hyde-Woodstock hosted its’ first home match on Wednesday, December 12 against its sister school, Bath.  We opened with a JV match-up in which the Wolfpack JV squad impressed us all with some great fighting and a well-earned victory over Bath. The atmosphere in the wrestling room was electrified with the cheers from both sides of the mat, and the sportsmanship was of top caliber.  Logan Kidwell has done well in the past few years building his team, and I can’t help but praise the work he has done.  We were unsure how the match was going to fare, and found out quickly that Bath had come to wrestle.  We opened with Chris Kerdavid ’16 wrestling at the 113lb weight class.  It was a back and forth fight in which Chris almost turned his opponent.  He wrestled his best match this season, and although he lost, he showed the team what he was made of.  Woodstock wrestlers and Bath wrestlers both fought hard, but the Phoenix earned three unanswered pins before our team captain, Marcos Mercado ’14 changed the trend with a great pin against his opponent at the 132lb class.  Following him, Dylan Marx ’15 had a great pin at the 138lb class.  With our momentum we hoped to rebound, but found that Bath had a stacked lineup through the rest of the weight classes.  Colin Studwell ’14 made his varsity debut and hit a nice arm throw to almost pin his man.  He was reversed and pinned, but fought with everything he had.  Holt Brown ’14 earned a pin at the 182lb weight class giving the team its last points of the match.  When the dust settled, the Phoenix had triumphed by a wide margin and earned the points towards the President’s Cup.  Although not a victory for the Wolfpack, it will be nice seeing the Hyde-Bath team break through the ranks in the Class A’s this year.  It has been a long time since I saw such a strong line up for a Hyde team.  As many of the wrestlers will be going home for a much needed break, three young men (Marcos Mercado ’14, Chris Kerdavid ’16, and Brian O’Dea ’13) will be going to the Battle of the Bay Tournament at Tabor Academy on Saturday.  Wish them luck!


Thanks for all your support,


Coach Jenkins