Promising Wolfpack JV Wrestling Season Begins

JV Wrestling vs. Pomfret/Rectory

On 12/5 JV Wrestling took a trip down the street to compete against Pomfret and Rectory. For the majority of the team it was their first match ever wrestling. Each student put up a good fight and I was very proud of their effort. Our standouts were Colin Studwell ’14 and Leo Cao ’14. Colin Studwell won his first match against by earning 4 points and pinned his opponent in the second round. Studwell’s second match was against Rectory where he took down his opponent in over-time for an 8-6 victory. After a hard fought battle, Leo Cao won his match against Pomfret 3-1.


JV Wrestling vs.  Eagle Hill/Southport/St. Pauls/Cardigan Academy/NMH

On 12/8 JV Wrestling went to a meet at Northfield Mount Hermon Academy to face off against Eagle Hill Southport, St. Pauls, Cardigan Academy, and NMH. Everyone on the team improved drastically from their first meet. The competition was much stronger and the team never gave up. The standouts at this meet were Jonathan White ’14, Colin Studwell ’14, Dennis Cavalli ’15, Pat Kane ’13 and Andrew Wang ’14. Johnathan White won his first heavy-weight match 11-4 after pinning his opponent against St. Pauls. Colin Studwell won all 5 his matches pinning each one of his opponents. He won matches against NMH, Cardigan, Eagle Hill and two against St. Pauls. Dennis Cavalli gave it his all in all 3 of his matches comming out victorious in 2 of the 3. Pat Kane got his first win of the year after pinning his opponent from NMH. Also, Andrew Wang had a great day comming out on top 2 out of his 3 matches. He won his matches against St. Paul’s and NMH. I was very proud of everyones effort and look forward to watching them improve as the season goes on.

Coach Sheehan