Hyde-Woodstock Stars of the Week, December 7, 2012

Every week students anonymously nominate fellow members of the Hyde community for Star of the Week. Stars are announced by Mr. Jenkins at the Friday morning school meeting.

I nominate Jesse McKiernan.  He has turned things around this year – great humility in athletics, increasing effort and commitment to academics and honest, authentic participation in the community.

I nominate Katherine Hagood and Maureen Bellwoar for their leadership of the girls varsity basketball team.  They both have high expectations and are willing to do whatever is necessary to have the team meet those expectations.  Good work ladies!

I nominate Marcos Mercado for a special reason. The other day I was walking to class in a hurry. There was a large amount of trash on the pathway. Everyone just strolled by, but Marcos stopped and asked me to help him pick it up. This is a true example of brother’s keeper and leaving it better than you found it.

I nominate Mr. Wyand for his help proctoring the Sunday work project.  He approached the weekend duty with the eye of a veteran and his calm personality never got frazzled with the idea of keeping our work crew kids busy from 12-3pm.  This initiative and fearless approach to dean’s area will serve him well in his time at Hyde.

I hope Leo Cao, Joe Ma and Wei Wei can be the stars of the week. We went to L.A during our Thanksgiving break, and they took good care of me.  On the last day, I got up late, but they waited for me. Unfortunately, when we arrived at the airport, luggage had already been loaded for our flight, so we had to take the next flight.  The next flight had only 3 empty seats for us. The airport staff asked us if 3 of us want to go first, but Leo, Joe, and Wei insisted  that we all fly together. I was upset, but they told me not to worry about it. I am thankful for their teamwork-sprit and their patience. I feel like everyone should learn from them-they define what being real gentlemen is all about.