Hyde Weekly: December 1 – December 7, 2012

This is an informal e-communication from Hyde-Bath and Hyde-Woodstock, intended to share highlights, signs of growth, issues that are being addressed and thoughts from the Heads of School. Its purpose is to bring the Hyde parents and the larger community into the school culture.


 International Student FLC

Last year the Bath campus began the tradition of holding an annual FLC for our international students who have been unable to participate in an FLC with their families.  We finished this year’s mini-retreat for the international students on Monday and it exceeded our expectations!  The group found great success and insight and the student interns, Katerina Ellison ’14Michael McInerney ’13Ryan Cassidy ’13 and Jenna Dubinsky ’14 did a fantastic job.

Some comments from the students during our wrap up:

“I want to share more of myself with my parents.”

“I need to work on my courage to speak up.”

“Every time I do something like this I become more and more open, and that helps me be more confident.”

“I’m learning that to be a leader, I have to lead by example and not just use the words.”

“I worked on who I am.”

“I had a lot of fun and love our international community.”

“Can we do this every month?”

Battle of Bath

The Morse Shipbuilders and the Hyde Phoenix squared off Wednesday night in the Hyde School Theater to renew the “Battle of Bath” in a friendly wrestling meet. It was a great event with many closely contested matches. At the end of regulation bouts, the score stood at 42 apiece. Rather than go to criteria to decide the tie, the coaches elected to have the 6 exhibition bouts decide the meet. Morse Shipbuilders won 5 of the 6 exhibition bouts to walk away victorious. Both teams (and their fans) showed great sportsmanship and respect for the wrestlers, and both teams should feel good about the meet.

Coach Logan Kidwell stated, “There were two standout performances by Hyde wrestlers. Will Davis, ’13, at 220 lbs., stepped onto the wrestling mat for the first time in his life just hours before the match. He won in dramatic fashion and electrified the crowd! Jack Howarth,’14 has been the consummate learner in practice so far this season and he was able to link techniques and show considerable improvements in just a few days. For this, Jack earned the ‘Man of the Match’!”

Salvation Army Party

This Saturday (Dec. 8), over forty students, as well as most of the faculty, volunteered to help host the annual Salvation Army Christmas Party to be held at the Bath campus.  The celebration will be a highlight of this holiday season for more than twenty local families that the Salvation Army is able to assist this year.  Festivities will include live holiday piano music, a full Christmas dinner prepared by our kitchen staff, and the arrival of Santa on a fire truck loaded with personalized gifts for each of the fifty children attending.  Hyde students will also participate as hosts to each family that attends, and as elves, they will assist Santa with gifts and spreading holiday cheer.  This will be in addition to the tremendous set-up and clean-up efforts they perform to make the event happen.  Hosting the party each year is an important reminder to our school that giving to others pays great rewards for all involved, and that we are privileged to be able to share ourselves and our school with local families.

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Basketball Tourney Time!

Both teams traveled north to test their early teamwork at two tournaments.

Hyde-Woodstock Lady Wolf Pack traveled to Kents Hill, Maine as the defending champions to participate in the third annual Aleigh Mills basketball tournament.  The first game was against Hyde-Bath.  The Wolf Pack came out in a smothering press which hampered Bath’s ability to move the ball offensively.  The aggressive defense eventually wore down the Phoenix which led to easy turnovers and fast break points.  The team went into the locker room with a 27 to 11 point lead.  In the second half, the team began to work on spreading the floor and being patient on offense, as there was no shot clock. The game ended with a victory at 48 -31.  All in all, it was a solid first game effort with Cashmir Fulcher ’15 leading all scorers with 25 points and Janicha Diaz ’14 adding 19 points to the bottom line.  Maia Johnson ’14 also chipped in 5 points and many more rebounds.

Hyde-Woodstock took on home team Kents Hill in the finals of the tournament.  The goals of the team were to have more balanced scoring and work on positioning in both the press and offense.  The team capitalized on the turnovers created by the aggressive nature of the press.  Kents Hill started in a triangle and two defense, closely guarding Cashmir and Janicha but senior Katherine Hagood hit two quick shots, including a three, which forced them to switch their defense.  Hyde went into halftime with a 36-8 lead.  The team worked on chemistry and getting more people involved in the offense.  Maia Johnson ’14Jenna Kowalski ’13, and Maureen Bellwoar ’13 all scored in the second half.  The team worked well together with scoring as follows: Cashmir Fulcher ’15 12-1-27, Janicha Diaz ’14 5-0-10, Katherine Hagood ’13 2-0-5, Jenna Kowalski ’13 1-0-2, Maia Johnson ’14 2-0-4, Maureen Bellwoar ’13 1-1-3.

The boys varsity basketball team took the court for the first time this season at the James Roman Memorial Tournament in Bath, Maine and began the Wolf Pack’s defense of their 2012 Class C championship against Kents Hill. Returning players include: Christian Ejiga ’13, Rodney Felder ’14, and Kuo Hsiang “Stanley” Yao ’13. The Wolf Pack’s offense struggled to integrate new and returning players in the opening half, and the team went to the locker room with a 22-13 advantage due to Julian Mardenli’s PG excellent outside shooting and Feda Durisic ’14 and Tyquan Ekejiuba’s ’13 numerous steals and deflections. As Christian Ejiga ’13 and his fellow big man, Ken Grant ’14, grew accustomed to the Wolf Pack’s size advantage, the team settled into a dominant rhythm and lead, which allowed both teams to utilize their bench players in the closing minutes of the game. Hyde-Woodstock won 60-34.

The Wolf Pack defeated the Phoenix of Hyde-Bath, hosts of the James Roman Memorial Tournament, 49-28 on Saturday, December 1. As the sister schools battled in front of their enthusiastic student body, the Wolf Pack quickly established control of the game. Point guard Tyquan Ekejiuba ’13controlled the pace of the game; meanwhile, Christian Ejiga ’13 and Ken Grant ’14 combined for fifteen rebounds and thirty-five points. The Phoenix fought hard but had no counter to the Wolf Pack’s interior presence. TyquanEkejiuba ’13 was honored with the James Roman award for his terrific play, sportsmanship, and spirit.

Leadership Opportunity

For Hyde Leadership Society students, opportunities often present themselves in unique places.  This past weekend, four seniors traveled to Bryant University to participate in the Bulldog Challenge Case Study Competition.  Seniors Alex Holland, Michael Dore, Chris Travis, and Tony Shao began preparing for the competition by reviewing and analyzing a case study on Trader Joe’s supermarket.  The students met with Assistant Head John Rigney to discuss strategies and options for improving Trader Joe’s competitive advantage and learned how to apply a SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats).   The seniors began the day at Bryant by participating in an hour-long class discussing the Trader Joe’s case study and then had four hours to read, analyze, and discuss the case.  Included in those four hours was time to prepare and practice a ten-minute PowerPoint presentation which was to be presented before two judges.  Working diligently for four hours, Mike,ChrisTony and Alex put the strong reading and analyzing skills they’ve been learning throughout their time at Hyde into practice. As John Rigney said, “I was proud to observe our students as they participated in this exciting opportunity to test themselves before a group of peers, and at the college level.”

 Discussing Concern as a Community

The school convened this week to discuss and practice concern.  Senior Michael Dore told his life story and received a great deal of support and admiration for how he presented it and the courage it took to do so.  Also, in the spirit of concern, the community evaluated four of its own on the basis of strengths, challenges, and impact on individual lives in both small and large ways.  Faculty membersAlexandra Keyes and Tom Bragg received a lot of accolades for their work ethic, loving natures and commitment to the betterment of the students.  They were also given challenges to work on such as being more patient and assertive.  Seniors Aine Zaniewski andTyquan Ekejiuba also received kudos for their leadership in the community and the senior class, their insight and their strengths.  Both were also challenged to lead more and expand their circle of friends.  In the final portion of the meeting, students were asked what a “go to person” was and their importance.  They were also asked to identify their “go to” peer and faculty member.  Students were given a road map to identifying and then securing a “go to person.”  It was a productive meeting with over fifty percent of the community participating. As Pam Bertschy said, “Concern is alive and well at Hyde School.”  The school also celebrated progress happening in a number of areas in the school:

  • Athletic teams are excited about the upcoming season.
  • International and Domestic students are mixing more this year.
  • Participation in school meeting is up and that has led to more powerful meetings.
  • The senior class is rebounding from hitting a plateau before Thanksgiving break.

Overall, many students on both campuses are “stepping up” as leaders and it is making a difference.   LDG/DM

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