Hyde Weekly: November 26 – November 30, 2012

This is an informal e-communication from Hyde-Bath and Hyde-Woodstock, intended to share highlights, signs of growth, issues that are being addressed and thoughts from the Heads of School. Its purpose is to bring the Hyde parents and the larger community into the school culture.


Hyde Bath Athletes Didn’t Stop For Break
While most of the students headed off by car, bus, plane and foot to begin their Thanksgiving break, a group of students stayed on campus to take part in two exciting events.  Before daybreak on Friday morning, the Flight of the Phoenix team took off for the Hyde-Woodstock campus.  Running through the day and the night and part of the next day, they arrived at our sister school 29 hours and 48 minutes later, seven hours ahead of schedule.  The team did fantastic with no major injuries and high spirits the entire way.  They were helped out along the route by several Hyde-Bath families who offered a place to rest, good food to eat and even at times a police escort!  The relay raised $4,067 for the Good Shepherd Food Bank, which equates to Hyde-Bath being responsible for a third of the Bath Food Mobile Trucks for the entire year.  The entire campus is incredibly proud of the hard work the team put in and the tremendous success of the fundraiser.


On the same day the Flight of the Phoenix was landing in Woodstock, the Bath Men’s Varsity Soccer Team hit the field under sunny skies on their home campus to play the semifinal match against Lexington Christian Academy.  It was a battle from the first kick of the match.  Both teams had numerous chances to score.  Hyde defensive playersWondo Shaw ’13Andrew Davis ’15Nabil Eshraghian ’13, and Post Grad Sam Mann did a stellar job of helping Keeper Billy Martinez ’13 preserve the shut out.   Hyde mid-fielders Kiefer Cundy ’15, Eduardo Gadsden ’13,Cole Faulkner ’15 and Wes Miller ’15 did a good job of maintaining possession of the ball and finding ways to move it forward to strikers  Wilson MacMillan ’14 and captain Ethan Morrow ’13.  The tension was palpable in the final minutes of the game as the clock ticked down.   With less than a minute remaining, the team worked the ball up the left flank where it went out of bounds deep in the offensive end.  With the clock ticking down toward overtime, Kiefer Cundy ’15 whipped a huge throw-in into the box and Wilson MacMillan ’14 found the back of the net with 12 seconds left on the clock.  With the win, the team advanced to the finals at Middlesex School in Concord Massachusetts on Sunday.

The Championship match was played against MacDuffie School on a natural grass pitch under clear and sunny conditions.   The atmosphere was brimming with excitement as there were four championship (class A, B, C, D) and two all-star matches being played in the same day.  The best of the best in prep school soccer from across New England were gathered to determine this season’s champions.

The match started with a quick goal from Captain Wondo Shaw ’13 off a Kiefer Cundy ’15 corner kick.  From that point on, the Hyde lads dominated the possession game, but struggled to find the back of the net.  Center mid-fieldersEduardo Gadsden ’13 and Kiefer Cundy ’15 did a great job of keeping the ball in our attacking third of the field, but their keeper made some fantastic saves and kept the score to 1-0 at the half.

MacDuffie came out strong in the second half and had a couple of break-away chances, but defenders Sam Mann ’14Wondo Shaw ’13Andrew Davis ’15 and Nabil Eshraghian ’13 managed the back and thwarted their attacks.  However, in the 76th minute, a MacDuffie player went down in the box and was awarded a penalty kick.  Keeper Billy Martinez ’13 made a terrific save on the PK, but unfortunately, it was poked in by the opposition off the rebound to even the score.  The game remained tied at the end of regulation.

The Hyde boys refocused during the break before overtime and once again took the field with determination and poise.  They created numerous opportunities to score, but the first overtime expired in a knot.  Hyde’s defensive unit weathered a couple advances early in the second overtime period, but managed to move the ball up the field to Captain Ethan Morrow ’13 who was streaking toward goal.  Morrow laid the ball off to wide open Wilson MacMillan ’14 who converted the golden goal to cement the championship win.

Coach Randy Smith said of the team, “These boys had what will be a very memorable season.  They faced many challenges on their run to the title.  In the end, it was their commitment to playing as a team that created the synergy and strength of character, which allowed them to fulfill their championship potential.  They are a special bunch, and coach Plourde and I are very proud of their collective grit, tenacity and sportsmanship this fall.  They represented themselves and our school with class.  It was a fitting end to a wonderful season.”

Fall Academic Awards

On Wednesday, the school community gathered together to celebrate the success and achievements of our students this past fall trimester.  The students listed below were singled out for their outstanding work in a particular discipline.


Most Improved Learner

Most Valuable Learner


Emma Leonard ’14

Carolyn Moore ’14

Moises Diaz ’13

Kara Fischer ’13


Brianna Reeves-Eliopoulos ’14

Kiefer Cundy ’15

Ethan Morrow ’13

Kara Fischer ’13


Alexy Billon ’13

Carolyn Moore ’14

Ethan Morrow ’13

Ziwei “Purple” Zhao ’13


Hope Stinson ’14

Brianna Reeves-Eliopoulos ’14

Robert “Troy” Jones ’14

Erika Corley ’13


Yiren “Karl” Shen ’15

Max Zerrudo-Turgeon ’15

Ethan Blatt ’13

Ou “Austin” Wang ’13


Pongsakorm “Jeans” Jiaraksa ’16

Alexy Billion ’13

Robert “Troy” Jones ’14

Erika Corley ’13


Moyan “Gigi” Chen ’15

Susanna McManus ’15

Caroline Hammond ’13

Mady Preece ’13


James Roman Tournament

Today sees the start of our annual James Roman Tournament.  Begun 25 years ago as a way to honor the memory of James Roman, a Hyde student who died in 1988 while playing a game of pick-up basketball, it provides an opportunity for teams from all over the state to come together at the beginning of the season for a weekend of fun and great sportsmanship.  This year, joining the Hyde-Bath and Hyde-Woodstock basketball teams, are teams from Hebron Academy and Kents Hill School.

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 Writing across the Curriculum

While the students traveled back to school on Monday, the faculty spent some time working on Hyde’s Learning Promise. In Preparation for Life, we develop writers, speakers and problem solvers. John Collins, a renowned educational specialist, came to campus to help faculty cultivate more in-depth approaches to writing in the classroom.  Introducing five types of writing, teachers learned that frequent, consistent writing with quotas and time restraints can provide incredible benefits to our students.  The Collins Method also gave hints for classroom differentiation and a rubric-style assessment guide, Focus Correction Areas.  Even math teachers were given explicit guidance to implement writing in their classes.  In all, the day was a fantastic and engaging enrichment for our teachers to bolster the execution of instruction catering to improvement in writing. Faculty members were excited to gain some more knowledge on teaching tools and as Academic Dean, Rachel Folan, said, “We are fortunate to have a relationship with someone as outstanding as John to help us help our students.”

Character on the Mat

Although many students enjoyed the entirety of the much needed Thanksgiving break, six dedicated wrestlers returned to Hyde-Woodstock three days early to begin training for the season.   The wrestling preseason has become a traditional event, at which the young wrestlers are pushed to condition and work on their technique to gain the edge over the competition.  Unlike the fall, the winter term does not get a week of sports to prepare.  To accommodate for this Dawit Kiflemariam ’14, Marcos Mercado ’14, Dylan Marx ’14, Doug Main ’15, Dennis Cavalli ’15 and Chris Kerdavid ’16 all gave up some of their break to sweat together, bond together, and even sleep together in the wrestling room.  They began on Saturday with a 4 mile run, weight room session, then a technique clinic.  On Sunday, we were all sore and worked more on technique and had time for live wrestling, as well as a movie night in the wrestling room.  The stakes were raised on Monday when they ran a “Murph” which is a cross-fit exercise in which they ran a mile as fast as they can, do 100 pull-ups, 200 push-ups and 300 body squats followed by another mile run.  All and all, the weekend was a success and these six grapplers are excited for the season and proud of their effort.  Make sure to follow the team on the Hyde web page.  We have our first match this Saturday away at Suffield Academy against the host school, Hopkins, and Williston Northampton.

Back for a Bit

This time of the year is always special. With the promise of another break just around the corner, the school has a chance to focus on more intentional community building. Our theme this time period is “Concern,” one of Hyde’s five founding character words. Each Discovery Group is taking on a community service project to help enhance someone’s life or support the community. In the meeting, the school honored the football team who was undefeated in their division this year and played in a tournament bowl game. The team received comments from the school about their character, drive and teamwork. Some commitments were made for the winter term as well. Welcome back and let’s go!


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