Bath: Sports Review Cross Country: Phoenix Go the Distance

Kents Hill: It’s Showtime

The Phoenix Make A Statement

On Saturday October 20th, Hyde placed 6 runners in the top 11 spots to defeat rival Gould Academy by 13 points in the cross country showdown at Kents Hill.

This race was also attended by Hebron Academy and host school Kents Hill.

The Phoenix exacted revenge on the Huskies as Cody Mitchell ’12 (2nd)and Isaac Preston ’12 (third)led the charge. Mitchell finished 7 seconds behind winner Makoto Watanabe from Hebron Academy.  Not far behind were Hyde’s pack of runners the Mongoose Mambas (Wang, Palola, Allen and Rowe) who took the 8-11 slots.  Luis Allen ’14 moved up from the JV to join the Varsity. Allen had his best race of the season including a strong finish at the end of the race. Sam Williams’13 and Richard Liu ’14 continued to show improvement as they finished in the 17th and 18th spots.


Hyde Phoenix at Kent's Hill
Kents Hill- The Hyde Phoenix get out to the front. They respond to the challenge with a resounding victor over rival Gould Academy, host Kents Hill and Hebron.


Race Results:


MAISAD Championship: Phoenix Rise Again!

Hyde Repeats as Prep School Champions!


Touching Greatness
University of Maine at Augusta- Hyde establishes a Dynasty Winning its 2nd Straight Championship


Hyde dominated the field in spectacular fashion at the Maine State Prep School Cross Country Championship (MAISAD’s). The 3.0 race was held at the University of Maine at Augusta on Friday, November 2nd, 2012.  The Phoenix won their 2nd straight Prep School Cross Country Championship in spectacular fashion placing 5 runners in the top 11 spots and 7 in the top 15.  “We are officially a dynasty!”said senior captain Cody Mitchell ’12. Mitchell (3rd overall) battled Hebron’s Makoto Watanabe (2nd overall) and SeaCoast’s Isaac LaCroix.  LaCroix won the race with a time of 16:20 on the fast 3.0 mile course.


The first mile split went out fast with a split time of 5:39. Makoto (Hebron) Mitchell (Hyde) and LaCroix (SeaCoast). Gould Academy’s top runner Marcella Delucca was not far behind. The second pack of runners came in at a 5:45.  At the mile mark, Hyde experienced some adversity as their number one runner Isaac Preston ’12 was hobbled with an injury and clearly wasn’t going to score.  However, Griffin Palola ’13 was up to the challenge.  He set the pace for the Hyde pack (Wang, Rowe, Palola, Allen) that call themselves the Mongoose Mamba’s. In a display of greatness, the Hyde pack broke the field of runners and finished within 10 seconds of one another: Palola 17:38, Rowe 17:39, Allen 17:40, and Wang 17:48 The Phoenix did not allow an athlete from another school to get into their pack. Sam Williams ’13 and Isaac Preston ’13 finished in the 14th and 15th positions overall.

“I know that so much of the credit tothe success of our season has to go to the Mongoose Mambas.” said Mitchell.  “They are such a tight pack.”

The camaraderie among the Hyde athletes is made apparent with the way they talk about their run with each other.

“Talin (Rowe) was like a white blood cell fighting off disease!” said Griffin Palola “Every time a runner tried to pass our group he would go into an all-out sprint and not let them pass.” Rowe, who finished one second behind Palola, attributes some of his success to teammate Allen, “Luis kept yelling at me.  He wouldn’t let me fall behind in the last 800 (meters).  When Allen was asked about this, he replied “I wanted to have someone to sprint with at the end.”

“Since the very beginning Coach has been always talking about striving for excellence and touching greatness!” said assistant coach Jen Liu.

Ben Webber ’12, who captained last year’s championship team travelled from Boston where he is attending Wentworth College to watch his team repeat at Augusta. Webber with camera in hand was reflective: “It’s really incredible what we’ve done over the last two years! Back to back championships!”



The Pride of the Mighty Phoenix

Hyde Takes Silver at The New England Championship! Barely Miss Winning it All!

XC Phoenix

On Saturday November 10th, the Phoenix travelled 7 hours to Milbrook, NY where the New England Prep School Division 4 Prep School Championships were held. In a field of 30 schools and 170 runners, Hyde placed 4 runners in the top 23 spots! They lost by one second, to Williams School of Waterford, Connecticut. Hyde defeated host school, Milbrook (who finished 3rd) and 21 other schools who fielded complete teams. Cody Mitchell ’13 led the Phoenix finishing in 7th. Still hobbled by an ankle injury, Isaac Preston ’13 gutted it out and limped his way to a 16th place position. “I just couldn’t get any lift on the hills” said Preston.


Milbrook, NY- November 10th, 2012 The Phoenix run with pride
Milbrook, NY- November 10th, 2012 The Phoenix run with pride

Austin Wang ’13 and Talin Rowe ’14, finished in the 21st and 23rd places. The course was a rugged 3.2 mile terrain. There were steep hills at both the mile and two mile mark. How close was the finish? There was one second that separated the top two teams. This accounted for the one point differential-one position. Hyde would have defeated Williams in a two team meet as 3 of Hyde’s top 5 runners beat the Williams team straight up. Williams was helped by other teams in the field and the performance of freshman Justin Shafner who finished 5th overall.  “We are not defined by one second! We are measured by the many miles we have run together and what we’ve experienced in the journey along the way!” said Head Coach Peter E. Rowe.


4 Hyde School Athletes named All MAISAD Conference-NEPSTA

Cody Mitchell, Talin Rowe, Griffin Palola and Luis Allen were awarded All-Conference honors in the MAISAD for their stellar performance this season in cross country. These four athletes helped Hyde repeat as Maine State Prep School Champions in the MAISAD.

XC Phoenix runners

Mitchell, a two time prep school champion, finished 7th in the New England Championship. He ran a PR time of 16:10 this season.  Led team at MAISADS finishing 3rd overall. Cody emerged as Hyde’s number one runner.

Rowe, in his first full season of cross country emerged as a gritty big time race performer. He ran a PR of 17:12 with bronchitis. Talin ran 9th at MAISADS and finished 23rd at New Englands. He ran in the 3rd and 4th spot on the team for most of the year.

Palola, a junior was a returning veteran from last year’s squad.  He spent time in the 5th spot. Best performances were at Kents Hill and MAISADS. Griffin was a key member of the pack of the Mongoose Mambas.

Allen began the season as a JV runner and joined the varsity late in the season. He emerged as the door closer for the Phoenix. He ran 10th at MAISADS.

Bath to Woodstock: Flight of the Phoenix

Six members of the Boy’s varsity cross country team (Cody Mitchell ’13, Isaac Preston ’13, Talin Rowe “14, Griffin Palola ’14, Austin Wang ’14 and Luis Allen ’15) joined two member’s of the girls soccer program (Purple Zhao ’13 and Wang Xi ’14) to participate in the Flight of the Phoenix: Bath to Woodstock Relay. Also, running in the event were faculty members-Colin Foye, Mukhaye Muchimuti, Coach Rowe, employees- Jacob Kendall and Tim Hallenback and parent-Doug Preston .  Faculty member John Romac joined the team as a driver.  Proceeds from the event will be donated to the Good Shepard Food Bank to support the Bath area food truck, run by Kimberly Gates.

The 208 mile relay began in Bath in the dark hour of 5am on Friday November 16th, 2012. The group started their run by ringing the Hyde Victory Bell. Running almost 7 hours ahead of schedule, the Phoenix arrived in Woodstock, Connecticut 29 hours and 48 minutes later.

They concluded their run by hanging a medal around the wolf-mascot of their sister school. A note issuing a challenge was placed in the mouth of the wolf.  The Phoenix are hoping that the members of the Wolf Pack will undertake a community service project and run back to them next year.  The Phoenix rang the victory bell in Woodstock to celebrate their run.


Bath to Woodstock