Hyde Weekly: November 3 – November 9, 2012

This is an informal e-communication from Hyde-Bath and Hyde-Woodstock, intended to share highlights, signs of growth, issues that are being addressed and thoughts from the Heads of School. Its purpose is to bring the Hyde parents and the larger community into the school culture.


Honor Guard Announced

Congratulations to all of the students who received Honor Guard recognition for the most recent Honors/Warnings period.  The following students received four or more Honors, no more than one Transition and no Warnings:

Tia Bauer-Hummel ’13

Alexy Billon ’14

Ethan Blatt ’13

Diamond Brown ’16

Benjamin Burlock ’13

Cailin Darling ’14

Emma Leonard ’14

Wyatt Lichtenger ’14

Matthew Lupovich ’14

Samuel Mann ’13

Zachary Messina ’15

Ethan Morrow ’13

Mouhamadou Niang ’14

Madeline Preece ’13

Benjamin Vandewater ’13

Xiaogang “David” Wu ’15


We also were pleased to see a good group of students earn the designation of “Double Honors” having received Honors two times in a row.

Lutes Bartlett ’16

Chloe Blaylock ’16

Erika Corley ’13

Kiefer Cundy ’15

Moises Diaz ’13

Kara Fischer ’13

Imani Hiller-Bateau ’15

Yong Ho “Ross” Ji ’16

Chang-Hao “Nicky” Li ’13

Jiamei “Ferina” Li ’14

Yilong “Richard” Liu ’14

James Lynch ’15

Wilson MacMillan ’14

Austin Makris ’15

Carolyn Moore ’14

Sagel Prosser ’13

Brianna Reeves-Eliopoulos ’14

Ou “Austin” Wang ’13

Ziwei “Purple” Zhao ’13 



Flight of the Phoenix

Friday, November 16th, runners from Hyde-Bath will be running a relay race to Hyde-Woodstock to raise money for the Bath Food Mobile.  Hyde-Bath has dedicated its community action efforts this year to the Bath Food Mobile, a local program that offers free food to needy families in the Mid-coast area. The goal is to raise $1,000 which will cover the cost of the food for one of the monthly trucks.  The runners will be undertaking the demanding 196 mile race beginning at 5:00 A.M. on Friday, taking turns running 5 miles each in relay-style fashion until they reach the Woodstock campus. The goal is to arrive in Woodstock, Connecticut on Saturday the 17th some time before 5 P.M.  The total miles per person are estimated at 20 miles (+/- a few).

The group will use a Hyde bus with another vehicle to ferry runners and stage checkpoints along the route. These checkpoints may be held at residences, rest stops, or commercial locations. The plan is to utilize time for rest, eating, and cheering on our teammates. They plan to use cell phones, video, the internet and Facebook so friends and family can track their progress.  Follow the run on twitter by searching for #flightofthephoenix.  All donations will be given to the Good Shepherd Food Bank to be put toward the Bath Food Mobile.

For information on donating to the fundraiser, visit the Flight of the Phoenix website.

The runners taking part in the event are faculty and staff members Colin Foye, Mukhaye Muchimuti, Peter Rowe, Jacob Kendall, and students Luis Allen ’15, Cody Mitchell ’13, Griffin Palola-Harriman ’14, Talin Rowe ’14,Isaac Preston ’13Ou “Austin” Wang ’13Wang “Susan” Xi ’14, Ziwei “Purple” Zhao ’13 and Hyde parent Doug Preston.  Faculty member John Romac and Hyde parent Win Mitchell will be assisting with the event.   The relay has received sponsorship from Allied Cook Construction, Coastal Orthopedics, Brackett’s Market, Bath Savings Institution, Wiscasset Ford, The Biggest Job Parenting Website, Boothbay Resort, and the BRCTV showCookin’ with Tancy.

HLS Moves into Action and Grows

The Hyde Leadership Society, fresh off its Wilderness Campus retreat, swung back into action with new resolve to assert student leadership in the school community.  As Kara Fischer ‘13 put it in one of the HLS daily morning meetings, “It’s time to stop talking and start making a difference everywhere we are.” The results have been a stronger presence in classrooms, in dormitories and on sports teams. The school has been dealing with the greater structure of earlier in-dorms, not being able to leave campus, and increased attention to fundamental responsibilities around campus, like student jobs, due to an earlier ethical bust.  This week concluded with a community meeting on Friday morning led by Kara Fischer ‘13Moises Diaz ’13, Katie Comeaux ’13, Terry Norris ’13, and Jen Morin ’14. The meeting began with a reflective question: “Who would say they have begun to change an attitude or have witnessed someone else do so?” Many different students responded either about themselves or supporting positive changes they had seen in peers.

The HLS leaders closed the meeting with this thought, “We are beginning to see what we are capable of doing together.  Let’s continue to build the momentum.”  On another note, the ranks of HLS have swelled over the past week from 11 to 21. The following students have been accepted as new members: Guillermo “Billy” Martinez ’13, Madeline Preece ’13, Ziwei “Purple” Zhao ’13, Steven Dwight ’13, Fangfei “Claire” Yin ’13, Cody Baker ’13, Ben Burlock ’13, Ethan Morrow ’13, Isaac Preston ’13, and Wondwossen Shaw ’13. This new group includes many of the sports captains and leaders of very successful fall sports teams.  As varsity soccer team captain Ethan Morrow put it, “I think it’s time to do more throughout the school.”

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 Academic Effort

The Honor Guard was posted and acknowledged those students with high effort in their classes.  Academic Dean Rachel Folan said, “These students demonstrate the manner in which we should wrap-up the fall term to honor our hard work.”  The students in the Honor Guard are as follows:  Uzoma Agbasionye ’14, Felipe Azevedo ’14, Yuyang “Aaron” Cao ’16, Zehua “Steven” Chen ’14, Nick Davis ’13, Janicha Carrion ’14, Yuxin “Frank” Dong ’14, Alina Donnelly ’13, Jenna Dubinsky ’14, Feda Durisic ’14, Richard Fagan ’14, Zhixin “Sarah” Fan ’15, Samantha Frisoli ’14, Sara Gaebe ’15, Katherine Hagood ’13, Yichuan “Clement” Hong ’16, Dawit Kiflemariam ’15, Jared Larsen ’13, Scott Leonard ’14, Tianyi “Tiffany” Liu ’15, Amelia Lyle ’14, Douglas Main ’15, Connor McLaughlin ’13, Marcos Mercado ’14, Thomas Nixon ’14, Devin Peterson ’16, Lucas Richards ’14, Reed Rowbotham ’15, John Schaer ’14, Kyle Scuoteguazza ’15, Yiren “Tony” Shao ’13, Anqi “Angel” Sima ’15, Yingrui “Lily” Sun ’14, Yizhou “Richard” Tang ’15, Christopher Travis ’13, Yilei “Leo” Wang ’15, Omri West ’16, Matthew Wysocki ’13, Jiahui “Chris” Xu ’16, Aine Zaniewski ’13, Rongpei “Tina” Zhang ’13and Xiaokun “Kitty” Zhang ’14.

Halloween Extravaganza
This past weekend, with the leadership of Wes Jenkins and a group of students, Hyde-Woodstock celebrated Halloween with its third annual haunted house and Halloween dance.  The haunted house, titled “Theater of Screams,” was created in the basement of the campus auditorium. Utilizing darkness, strobe lights, masks, and well-timed scares, the haunted house was a great success for all who participated in it.  Julian Goldenberg ’13 and Quinn McGuire ’15 acted as Kane and Abel, the creepy tour guides that led house-goers through the dark basement. They weaved an excellent tale to suit the macabre scenes downstairs.  These scenes were manned by Marcos Mercado ’14, Jane McCaffrey ’13, Thomas Nixon ’14, Dylan Marx ’14, Omri West ’16, Sean McCrystal ’13, Marlena Reeves ’14, Evan Berger ’14, Henry Rothenberg ’16, Ethan Goldberg ’15, and Lucas Richards ’14.  John Nelson ’14 ended the tour with a chainsaw (minus the chain!) to provide the final scare of the night.

“Everyone had a great time and many both laughed and screamed as they walked down the halls,” shared Jenkins. “I would like to thank everyone who helped set up and run the haunted house, as well as Samantha Frisoli ’14, Aine Zaniewski ’13, andKatherine Hagood ’13, for setting up a great Halloween dance.”  When asked for their reactions to the haunted house, students and faculty resoundingly emphasized its successful scares and fun atmosphere.  “I was really, really scared,” commented student Gregory Munetz ’13“I thought everyone did a great job and I definitely enjoyed it.”

 Women’s Meeting

The junior and senior female students, prompted by Samantha Frisoli ’14 and Aine Zaniewski ’13, met at the head’s house Tuesday night.  The topic was simple…discuss what we struggle with.  The subjects were as unique and varied as the girls themselves.  After everyone shared, each person picked a partner that they would talk to about what gift they bring to the community.  At the end, we asked what people got out of the meeting.  All agreed they knew each other better on some level.  They also agreed that it was worthwhile and we should meet more often to move the female community forward.

Debating the Issues – Elections 2012

As the 2012 presidential election approached, students and faculty members participated in surveys about which issues they felt were the most important facing the United States today. The main concerns were identified as the national debt and the economy. The Hyde Leadership Society then took on the challenge of staging a mock debate and vote, presenting and defending various proposals to deal with the economy and national debt and advocating for presidential candidates. Marcos Mercado ’14, Rongpei “Tina” Zhang ’13, Chris Travis ‘13, Tyquan Ekejiuba’13, and other members of the leadership society readied their rhetoric by researching economic terms, critically examining political bias and propaganda, and, when stymied at the limits of their political knowledge, asking their parents and teachers for help. On Election Day, Hannah Peters ‘13, Greg Munetz ‘13, Jenna Dubinsky ’14 andAlina Donnelly ‘13 showed courage through public communication of political discourse.  Mark Duethorn, a veteran history teacher, presented historical data on government debt, budget deficits and surpluses. The school also evaluated the portrayal of Chinese economic policy in American media. The school then went to the ballot booths, where President Obama defeated candidate Romney by a wide margin of 99-43.    LDG/DM

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