Bath: MAISAD Semifinal Match; Boys Varsity Soccer vs. Kents Hill School

Hyde School                       2

Kents Hill School               0


                Kents Hill School traveled to Bath to play on the turf field yesterday for the Semifinal match of the MAISAD tournament.  The weather was cold with temperatures in the low 40’s and a brisk northwest wind.   In the first minute of play, Hyde’s Wes Miller`14 scored on a ball sent into the box by Cole Faulkner`15. Up a goal, the Phoenix continued to work hard and maintained possession of the ball for most of the first half of play.  They quickly adjusted to the fact that they were battling not only a strong defensive team, but also the wind.  This required them to focus more on passing the ball on the ground, and playing the ball smartly to a teammate, rather than trying to dribble through their opponents.  The score at half time was 1-0.

                The second half was much the same as the first.  Kents Hill packed players behind the ball and Hyde dominated the possession game, which created numerous opportunities on goal.  When Kents Hill did get the ball, defenders  Wondo Shaw`13 and Andrew Davis`13 did a great job of keeping it away from the goal.  Late in the match, with less than a minute on the clock, Wilson MacMillan`14 scored on a low, hard shot, taken from just outside the box.   Keeper Billy Martinez`13 had a solid game and maintained the shutout.   With this win, the team advances to the MAISAD finals, to be played at Hebron Academy on Saturday afternoon.