“Theater of Screams” a Great Success

For faculty member Wes Jenkins, Halloween is no joke.

Julian Goldenberg ’13 acted as Kane, one of the tour guides for the “Theater of Screams” this past Saturday night in the Hyde School Cultural Center auditorium.

This past weekend, with the leadership of Wes Jenkins and a group of students, Hyde School celebrated Halloween with its third annual haunted house and Halloween dance.

The haunted house, titled the “Theater of Screams”, was created in the basement of the campus auditorium. Utilizing darkness, strobe lights, masks, and well-timed scares, the haunted house was a great success for all who participated in it.

Quinn McGuire ’15 dressed as Abel, a tour guide for the haunted house.

Julian Goldenberg ’13 and Quinn McGuire ’15 acted as Kane and Abel, the creepy tour guides that led house-goers through the dark basement. They weaved an excellent tale to suit the macabre scenes downstairs, manned by Marcos Mercado ’14, Jane McCaffrey ’13, Thomas Nixon ’14, Dylan Marx ’15, Omri West ’16, Sean-Michael McCrystal ’13, Marlena Reeves ’14, Evan Berger ’14, Henry Rothenberg ’16, Ethan Goldberg ’14, and Lucas Richards ’14. John Nelson ’14 ended the tour with a chainsaw to provide the final scare of the night.

“Everyone had a great time and many both laughed and screamed as they walked down the halls,” shared Jenkins. “I would like to thank everyone who helped set up the haunted house and took a part in running it, as well as Sam Frisoli ’14, Aine Zaniewski ’13, and Katherine Hagood ’13 for setting up a great Halloween dance.”

When asked for their reactions to the haunted house, students and faculty resoundingly emphasized its successful scares and fun atmosphere.

“I was really really scared,” commented student Gregory Munetz. “I thought everyone did a great job and I definitely enjoyed it.”