Wolf Pack Girls Varsity Soccer Hangs in There vs PCD

Friday, November 2 – Game (at PCD):

Hyde: 3

PCD: 5

The Hyde Girls Varsity Soccer Team went to PCD on Friday, November 2nd to finish their 2012 season. This was Hyde’s last chance to put a victory in their records for the year. The game started as a very even match. PCD seemed to own most of the scoring opportunities in the first 15 minutes but the Hyde Goal Keeper, Jenna Kowalski 2013, was refusing to let by any easy goals. She showed a lot of heart and determination throughout the entire game. PCD was able to capitalize on two scoring opportunities before the first half whistle blew. Beofre halftime, Janicha Diaz 2014 was able to put a scoring opportunity together, as well, with the help of Angela Guidera-De Groot 2014. PCD went into halftime feeling pretty good, as they celebrated their senior game with their parents.

The second half started with a bang as Janicha Diaz 2014 took the ball past the entire PCD team, straight into the goal. Just thirty seconds into the second half, the game was tied 2-2. The Wolfpack was fired up and they could taste victory. PCD had a matching determination, which led them to a three goal lead twenty minutes into the second half. But this game was different for the Hyde girls. They were not about to give up on the last ten minutes of their season. Hyde continued fighting. With five minutes left in the game, Alina Donnelly 2013 had a great throw-in to Marlena Reeves 2014, who was able to finish a perfect shot over the PCD keeper’s head, right into the side panel. Hyde School was still alive and fighting.

The game ended with a scoreboard victory for PCD, 5-3. For the Hyde Wolfpack, it was a game that the girls were able to prove their teamwork and love for the game. This was a tough season for Hyde Girls Varsity Soccer. Overall, they ended with their heads held high because they played hard and played with heart up to the last second of the season.

Coach Varney