Hyde Weekly: October 27 – November 2, 2012

This is an informal e-communication from Hyde-Bath and Hyde-Woodstock, intended to share highlights, signs of growth, issues that are being addressed and thoughts from the Heads of School. Its purpose is to bring the Hyde parents and the larger community into the school culture.


Mini Retreat in the Great North Woods

After classes on Monday afternoon, the Hyde Leadership Society left campus and headed for Hyde’s Wilderness campus in Eustis, Maine, some two and a half hours to the north.  HLS spent Monday night and all day Tuesday in Eustis, and returned to campus on Wednesday morning.  Tuesday was spent moving through a series of exercises taken from suggestions by Pam Hardy (Hyde’s Regional Coordinator and Director of the Biggest Job) on The Ten Priorities.  We began with a tent of truth/hot seat exercise that examined peer relationships visa vie individual leadership. The outcome: letting go of those relationships that either get in the way of exercising my leadership or simply do not support me in it; and taking hold of those relationships that improve and support it.

From there, we moved to a teaching-discussion on allowing obstacles to become opportunities through offering and receiving confrontation. This session emphasized the difference between confronting attitude rather than behavior. It also emphasized that receiving confrontation (without emotion or defensiveness) modeled the key to encouraging it everywhere in the school community.

Our third session focused upon setting high expectations and letting go of outcomes.  It began with a journaling and sharing exercise on what some high individual expectations might be for self and the school community through Brother’s Keeper.  The session ended with a “one-thing” exercise – What can I do every day to show that I am in pursuit of leadership?  Each member chose a partner to report to daily on their one-thing.

We concluded with a discussion of the school’s character culture and some analysis of where improvements are needed currently. We wrapped up with a grab bag of scenarios and situations which led to an in-depth discussion of personally trusting attitude over aptitudeand, above all, trusting personal conscience (never walk away from the truth).

Participants included Tia Bauer-Hummel ’13Jen Morin ’14Carolyn Moore ’14Katie Comeaux ’13Caroline Hammond ’13Erika Corley ’13Kara Fischer ’13Richard Liu ’14Wilson MacMillan ’14Moises Diaz ’13, and Terry Norris ’13. Faculty members Jennifer Morse and Paul Hurd accompanied as director-facilitators of the retreat.


Know Yourself/Be Yourself at Camden

Early Tuesday morning, 20 Hyde students headed off to Camden, ME to facilitate 10 small groups in the Biggest Job Know Yourself / Be Yourself workshop which helps the middle school students understand that we all want to be somebody, it takes courage to be ourselves, and we need the help of others to see who we truly are. The Camden-Rockport Middle School invited Hyde School to work with their 7thgraders as part of the middle school’s commitment to incorporating character education.   The workshop introduced the students to some of the foundational principles and practices of Hyde School, such as talking honestly about ones strengths and challenges, as well as giving feedback to one another.

The middle school students appreciated the enthusiastic participation and honest feedback offered by the Hyde students.  With support and challenge from their Hyde facilitators, many of the middle school students took steps of courage with their peers.  The workshop was ably facilitated by Hyde students Ethan Blatt ’13, Omar Harris ’14, Zack Heatley ’14, Emma Leonard ’14, Ethan Morrow ’13, Imani Hiller-Bateau ’15, Eduardo Gadsden ’13, Wondo Shaw ’13, Billy Martinez ’13, John Mcmanus ’13, Jailene Martinez ’15, Michael McInerney ’13, Susanna McManus ’15, Wes Miller ’15, Mady Preece ’13, Tarrah Tibbetts ’13, Alex Treat ’13,  Austin Wang ’13, Xi Wang ’14 andPurple Zhao ’13 who gained experience and confidence in their leadership and facilitation skills.  Here are a few things our students had to say about their leadership learning:

  • I stumbled some when I was very nervous, but I did well once I got out of my comfort zone and was able to have a conversation with the middle school kids.
  • I focused on each individual student during each activity.
  • I struggled with how to keep kids interested and engaged.
  • I got the shy kids to get out of themselves.
  • Sometimes I didn’t know what to do, but my partner and I improvised.

Our Purpose

The first half of this week was spent, in part, revealing indiscretions and ethical violations by a number of students.  As always, some of the students were forthcoming and others were more than reluctant to be honest and responsible for their decisions.  The second half of the week has been focused on how we, as a community, should respond and how effectively we are addressing our own and each other’s attitudes.  As a result of these discussions, a concrete step we will take as a school is to begin each morning next week with a Discovery Group gathering.  In the meeting, we will identify a person with whom we will have a conversation, the attitude in ourselves we will address that day, and the action we will take to address that attitude.  A second step for students is to make a public declaration, by signing their name, in support of the following:

“We believe that our purpose is inexorably linked to character and a faith that every individual possesses a unique potential to achieve personal excellence and find fulfillment in life.  To paraphrase Martin Luther King, we strive for a school where the members of our community will be judged not by their inherent talents or native abilities but by the content of their character.  The cornerstones of our program are the Five Words and Five Principles, and we aspire to reflect them in our individual and collective endeavors.  Our respect in this community and that which we accord our peers is a reflection of these efforts.”

As we work to end the fall term well and begin the winter term on a positive note, our success will depend largely on our willingness to incorporate these words into our daily lives.  A large group of students and faculty met on Thursday night to begin this process and the feeling afterwards was one of positive energy and commitment to challenge others and themselves.  The opportunity is ripe for both personal and community growth in the coming weeks.


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Football Continues to Gut-it-out!

On a gorgeous Saturday afternoon in central Maine, the Wolf Pack played divisional opponent Kent’s Hill School and came away with a 35-21 victory.  Hyde came out strong and jumped all over the Huskies 13-0 in the first quarter.  Jay Watkins ’13 scored first on a 40 yard run and Connor McLaughlin ’13 scored second on a short 2 yard plunge.  The second quarter, however, belonged to the Huskies.  They scored twice when their air attack caught Hyde off guard and the boys suddenly found themselves down 14-13 at the half.   Kent’s Hill scored again in the third quarter and Hyde was trailing 21-13 to start the fourth quarter.  Hyde finally put a drive together behind punishing runs by Watkins and PG fullback Don-Don Palmer.   Connor McLaughlin hit tight end Ben Krassner ’13 for the two-point conversion to tie the game at 21.  Then, on the ensuing kick-off, Palmer stripped the ball from the returner and took it 25 yards for another quick score which put Hyde up 28-21 in the blink of an eye.

Kent’s Hill was not done, however, and they drove the ball the length of the field down inside the Hyde 10 yard line.  On a crucial fourth and one, the Wolf Pack defense dug in, stuffed the play and took over on downs.  Watkins would then explode for an 85 yard run to seal the deal for Hyde.

It was a great win for the team which once again proved it can play from behind.  Outstanding defensive efforts were had by Holt Brown ’14,who stripped the ball from a receiver in the first half to set up Hyde’s second score, and Daniel Palmer who controlled the middle of the field from his middle line-backer spot.  Watkins finished the day with over 200 yards rushing, 3 TD’s, and an interception.


Stormy Weather

Hurricane Sandy made her presence known this week as high winds and rain put the campus into a safety “button down” mode.  Students and faculty spend Monday afternoon on their wings where dinner was brought to each dorm and many students called home to check on family on the east coast. While most of the Woodstock community was out of power, the Hyde campus was fortunate and there was very little damage to the campus.  The senior class did a great job stepping up as leaders during the weather advisory and the sun was a welcomed sight on Tuesday.

Team China Gets Ready to Head Out

A group from each campus is gearing up to visit our Hyde families in China.  Here on the Woodstock campus, each student made a short video about defining moments since arriving on campus.  The line of the week came from Junyan “Jeremy” Gu ’15 as he spoke to Associate Head, Bob Felt, “Since coming to Hyde, my life has become more colorful.  Along with my academics, I am learning about sports, performing arts and so many things.”   Hyde life is certainly colorful.   LDG/DM

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