Bath: Boys Varsity Soccer vs. Hebron Academy

Hyde School                       3

Hebron Academy             4


                The Hebron Academy Lumberjacks traveled to Bath to play the Phoenix yesterday on our turf field.  The game was played under cloudy skies and warm conditions.  Hebron scored first, half way through the first period of play on a shot wide that went of the post and in.  Keeper Billy Martinez`13 made some great saves to thwart the Hebron attack and keep the score to 1-0 at half time. 

                The lumberjacks scored two more goals despite back and forth play and some nice scoring opportunities by the Hyde lads.  However, the Phoenix did not let up their efforts and finally found the back of the net in the 74th minute when Eduardo Gadsden`13 converted a Kiefer Cundy`15 corner kick.  Buoyed by  the goal and spurred on  by the home crowd, the Phoenix started chipping away at the Hebron lead.  Wilson MacMillan`14 scored a pretty goal 4 minutes latter off a Kiefer Cundy`15 assist, to bring it to 2-3.  An unfortunate defensive laps on Hebron’s kick-off resulted in their 4th goal.  The Phoenix would not be put under however, and with the clock winding down kept up the pressure,  with Kiefer Cundy`15 and Captain Ethan Morrow dominating play in the midfield.  This resulted in numerous scoring chances for Hyde late in the game.  Due to gritty play, Hyde maintained possession and shifted momentum in our favor.  With 8 minutes on the clock, Wilson MacMillan`14 scored a header goal off a throw-in from Kiefer Cundy`15. The final result of 4-3 was a respectable one against the skilled Lumberjack team.  The defensive unit of Andrew Davis`15, PG Sam Mann, Captain Wondo Shaw`13 and Moustapha Niang`14 played an exceptional match, as did our goal keeper, Billy Martinez`13.  The Hyde coaches were very proud of the team’s grit, poise, sportsmanship and character during the match.  They played with heart and developed synergy.  Our next game is this coming Wednesday, the first round of the MAISAD tournament, which will be played on our turf field at 2:30 in the afternoon.   It promises to be a great match.