Wolf Pack Girls Varsity Soccer vs Falmouth

Saturday was a rough day for the Hyde Wolfpack. The Girls Varsity Soccer Team traveled to Falmouth, MA to face a team that they had seen before. Their first meeting this year fared well for Falmouth but Hyde knew they had a chance to even the score. The team went into the game with several things on their mind, which carried over onto the soccer field.

The first have was brutal for the Hyde girls. In no time, they found their team down 6-0. It only took a few minutes of less than their full effort for Falmouth to capitalize on such a small field. At halftime, the girls collected themselves and were back at it.

The second half started much better than the first. The tactics of Falmouth Academy changed drastically. Hyde school was able to capitalize on these changes and found a renewed sense of motivation. The girls had several opportunities and Janicha Diaz ‘14 was able to capitalize on one of them. Her goal was assisted by Samri Krogman ’14. Hyde showed that they are able to defeat a team in forty minutes but eighty minutes is still a task they have yet to conquer. The game ended with a final score of 6-1.

Coach Varney