Boys JV Soccer vs PSA, Wheeler

10/24: Hyde Boys JV Soccer vs. Putnam Science Academy: 3-3 Tie (2-7-3 WIN-LOSS-TIE)

Boys JV soccer played an exciting game against Putnam Science on Monday afternoon. After struggling against Putnam Science’s squad earlier in the season, Hyde showed significant improvement in both skill and determination. Down two points for most of the first half, Hyde’s offense rallied after Kevin Ding ’13 made a fantastic shot on goal. Hyde’s offense continued to show patience and controlled the ball as the game moved into the second half. Kevin Ding scored his second goal of the game off a well-placed cross from Joseph Biederman ’15. Though Putnam Science took the lead at the ten minute mark, Richard Tang ’15 tied the game back up in the final minutes of game. Justin Ashkin ’14 continued to impress on the left side, lending his speed and agility to midfield as he successfully turned the ball and passed it up to offense. McCallum Landt ’15 played his best game of the season so far, playing aggressive offense and taking advantage of a breakaway.

10/20: Hyde Boys JV Soccer vs. Wheeler: 0-5 Loss (2-7-2 WIN-LOSS-TIE)

Boys JV soccer played a more experienced Wheeler squad for the second time this season. The team showed up on the field with an improved understanding of the game, determined to put its best foot forward. Hyde stayed steady throughout the first half of the game, and the team’s defensive line successfully kept the score at 0-0. Though the team struggled against the control of Wheeler’s offense for much of the second half, many players got valuable playing time and maintained energy and focus throughout the game. Thank you to all the families that came out and supported our team!


Coach Bertozzi