Bath: Huskies Defend Their Turf in a 6-0 Loss for the Phoenix

Huskies Defend Their Turf in a 6-0 Loss for the Phoenix


The Junior Varsity Lady Phoenixes travelled to Bethel, Maine on a beautiful October afternoon with the intention to prove their ascendancy over the Gould Academy Huskies. However, Gould came ready and able to defend their territory, turning the afternoon into a tough defeat for the Hyde Phoenix.  Despite a couple of productive practices and the air of excitement and success stemming from our first victory just that past Wednesday afternoon, Hyde struggled to find a sense of collaboration on the field.  Some valiant efforts were made by midfielders Natalya Roman and Purple Zhao in efforts to produce scoring opportunities, but the Husky defense proved to be impermeable.  A free-kick was called 14 minutes into the first half directly in front of Hyde’s goal, putting Gould in an ideal position to arc the first of their goals past our inspiring freshmen goalie, Chloe Blaylock.  The sense of frustration and defeat amongst the Phoenixes was evident, as we fought but failed to execute despite the best intentions from the girls.  Highlight of the afternoon was Blaylock’s performance in the net, making a profound 21 saves!


Time to refocus and work harder this coming week.  Stay tuned for MAISAD semifinal updates taking place this Wednesday, October 31st.