Hyde Weekly: October 20 – 26, 2012

This is an informal e-communication from Hyde-Bath and Hyde-Woodstock, intended to share highlights, signs of growth, issues that are being addressed and thoughts from the Heads of School. Its purpose is to bring the Hyde parents and the larger community into the school culture.


 Giving and Receiving Help

The school meeting this week was facilitated by faculty member Jesse Sataloff.  Noticing that, as a school, we were having an issue with bussing our own dishes at meal times, Jesse got thinking about how best to make the point with the students. He hit upon the theme of asking for and receiving help, and how that aids in building a community.  Mr. Sataloff used various film clips from the movie Cinderella Man, the true story about Depression-era boxer James Braddock, to show how one person had the humility to ask for assistance and then later the graciousness and concern to “pay it back” both literally and figuratively.  A group of students got wind of the meeting idea and volunteered to run smaller discussion groups on the role of giving in our everyday lives.  We wrapped up the meeting with teachers and students sharing steps they could take today that would help others.  It was good way to start the day.  It was even better to see Mr. Sataloff take the risk of running the school meeting and how that encouraged the group of students to jump in and help facilitate the meeting and give back to their community.

Women’s Soccer on A Roll!

Last week it was the varsity team that began to see it’s hard work pay off and this week it was the JV squad.  Coach Casey Sanborn wrote the following about their game on Wednesday:  “The Hyde Lady Phoenix JV hosted Kents Hill Wednesday afternoon for a MAISAD rematch.  Hyde travelled to Kents Hill two weeks ago and played a good game but returned to campus after 2-0 loss.  The ladies were ready for Kents Hill this time, and finally some work in practice around going to the ball as well as finishing, paid off.  The first half saw a lot of offensive pressure from the Hyde side. Although Hyde had a few looks at the net, the first half was scoreless.  At twenty minutes remaining in the game, Hyde’s Lutes Bartlett ’16, scored after following her cross from the left side of the field and getting a second touch after a defender tried to clear the ball.  It was Susanna McManus ’15, who scored the next goal ten minutes later off of an awesome throw in from Diamond Brown ’16. The win was sealed by fine defensive play by Jailene Martinez ’15 and Imani Hiller-Bateau ’15. This is the first win from the JV ladies soccer team in three years, and they are hoping to tally another one when they travel this Saturday to Gould Academy for the last MAISAD match of the regular season.”

It was a great game to watch and the victory celebration, complete with ringing the victory bell (see the picture below), was even better.  Nice job ladies and good luck with your remaining contests!




The Hyde Learning Promise in Action

The Hyde faculty continues their work on implementing the Learning Promise which aims to deepen student’s academic capability.  This fall, we have focused our efforts on building our students’ comprehension skills with the strategic tool of Double Entry notes.  The strategy builds from a foundation of attending to and then thinking critically about the details students perceive daily in texts, in lecture and in visual media.  This week in faculty meeting, we looked at some collected samples of student Double Entry notes and collaborated to discover what constitutes quality Double Entry notes.  We considered how we can guide our students to refine this valuable comprehension skill.

When surveyed, students generally acknowledge the value and use of the Double Entry note, though they sometimes bristled at the rigor.  Here are a few things our students had to say:

  • “I can see how they would be useful to a lot of students.  It is good that the school has a system of note taking.”
  • “In English, I can write my thinking.”
  • “Most of the time they are helpful and easy to look over and study.”
  • “Definitely helpful in math.”
  • “I am against split page notes [Double Entry] because I don’t feel that it is an easy way.”

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We are family!

Over the weekend, we welcomed our families to the Fall Family Weekend. There was an overwhelming feeling that this was a great one. Family Weekend is a time at Hyde where everyone comes together to strengthen self, family and the community. Some of the highlights included:

  • Friday Night Lights – The varsity football gave was a thrilling evening in the light rain as they edged out a win against tough opponent Hebron Academy.
  • New Families Jump In – Our first year families jumped into the Hyde family seminars and impressed the faculty with their willingness.
  • Fair Share Success – With a challenging goal of 100% participation and $250,000, the community raised almost $252,000 with 98% of the families participating.
  • Hyde Celebration – The Cultural Center rocked Saturday night with step dances, rap numbers and President, Malcolm Gauld getting everyone up to dance as he sang “Johnnie Be Good.”
  • International Seminar – The seniors organized their own break-out seminar which helped the international students understand their role in their families.

I asked students and faculty what was the take away and here are some of the comments:

  • I was inspired by my brother’s insightfulness and level of commitment to our family and his own growth.”
  • I learned how important it is to have a good relationship with your family and how much better you feel when you work on your relationship instead of ignoring the problems that you need to address.”
  • “This weekend I learned how to be confident while expressing emotions.”
  • “I learned that my family has a very big conscience and we love each other.”





Back to Basics

After the community got a glimpse of our best over Family Weekend, come Tuesday morning, we saw the other side. It became clear that the school standards needed a jumpstart. Issues included:

  • Lack of respect for each other and for school property
  • Missing meals
  • Showing up to meetings on time

The seniors were asked to come up with a plan and they took the lead on creating a trial period of campus restrictions. As they met with the school on Tuesday night, it was clear that the class took a stand and rallied the school behind their plan. Senior Nicki Gomez said, “This is time to get back to Hyde 101 and be grateful for the community that we have.” It was a start to more student ownership of the student culture. The seniors will re-assess how the school is doing over the coming weekend.

Athletic Tweets

Are you curious how your favorite Hyde athletic team is doing? In an effort to speed the flow of information, Hyde-Woodstock’s athletic department has launched a Twitter page to update Hyde students, parents, alumni and fans on the happenings of all sporting events on and off campus. The majority of the tweets will be “live” on-site updates for the athletic contests. Follow your favorite Hyde athletic team by following @Hyde_Athletics on Twitter. Not involved on Twitter? Don’t care about tweeting? Check out the Hyde-Woodstock Athletic page for the last ten athletic updates that were tweeted online.


The benefits of family membership come with responsibility. This week, we learned to be grateful for our families and we also learned we must address the responsibilities that come with that family, whether it is our own or the school family we all live in each day.


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