Bath: WJVS vs. Kents Hill

Phoenix Girls JV Soccer First Win
The JV Girls Soccer team celebrate their first win of the season.

Hyde – 2

Kents Hill – 0

The Hyde lady Phoenix JV hosted Kents Hill Wednesday afternoon foe a MAISAD rematch.  Hyde travelled to Kents Hill two weeks ago and played a good game but returned to campus after 0 -2 loss.  The ladies were ready for Kents Hill this time, and finally some work in practice going to the ball as well as finishing the ball paid off.  The first half saw a lot of offensive pressure from Hyde anchored by Hyde’s defensive line of Jailene Martinez and Imani Hiller-Bateau.  Although Hyde had a few looks at the net, the first half was scoreless.  At twenty minutes remaining in the game, Hyde’s Lutes Bartlett scored after following her cross from the left side of the field and getting a second touch after a defender tried to clear the ball.  It was Susanna McManus who scored the next goal ten minutes later off of an awesome throw in from Diamond Brown.  Hyde found themselves up by two, just like last game, but this time had the composure to seal the deal.  This is the first win from the JV ladies soccer team in three years, and they are hoping to tally another one when they travel this Saturday to Gould Academy for the last MAISAD match of the regular season.