Flight of the Phoenix: Relay from Bath to Woodstock

The dramatic ending to a 29 hour, 48 minute relay:

Flight of the Phoenix Relay logo

For route updates, visit the HydeBath Twitter and search for #flightofthephoenix

Friday, November 16, runners from Hyde-Bath took on the challenge of a 208 mile relay race to Hyde’s sister school in Woodstock, Connecticut. Beginning the race at 5:00 in the morning, the group departed from Bath and took turns running 5 miles each in relay-style fashion until they arrived at Hyde-Woodstock. The goal was to arrive in Woodstock, Connecticut on Saturday the 17th some time before 5 P.M. They amazingly arrived before lunch, which brought the total running time to a non-stop 29 hours, 48 minutes. Total miles per person estimated 20 miles (+/- a few).

The Purpose of the run was to raise money for a local foundation: The Bath MOBILE FOOD TRUCK. The goal was to raise $1,000, while physically challenging themselves by trying something difficult both physically and mentally. The final total of funds raised? $4,437. Instead of being able to donate enough for one monthly food truck, this will allow the Good Shepherd Food Bank to run four months of food trucks!

Flight of the Phoenix Relay Map
Route of the relay from Bath to Woodstock.

The group used a HYDE bus with another vehicle to ferry runners and stage checkpoints along the route.  These checkpoints were at residences, rest stops, and commercial locations. They utilized this time for rest, eating, and cheering on their teammates. They used cell phones, video, the internet and Facebook so friends and family could track their progress. See updates on the run on twitter by searching for #flightofthephoenix.


All donations will be given to the Good Shepherd Food Bank to be put toward the Bath Mobile Food Truck.

Donations are now closed. Thank you to everyone who supported the Bath Food Mobile! The team was able to raise $4,437!!


Upon their arrival at Woodstock, the Flight of the Phoenix Relay team left the Woodstock students with a challenge. Will they race the Bath crew next year? The time to beat is now 29 hours 48 minutes. We’ll see if a Run of the Wolf Pack accepts the Flight of the Phoenix challenge. Stay tuned.

View the Route in 3D and see Elevations

The Runners:

(F= faculty, P = parent, S = Hyde Staff)

  • Colin Foye (F)
  • Mukaye Muchimuti (F)
  • Purple Zhao (’13)
  • Austin Wang (’13)
  • Talin Rowe (’14)
  • Peter E. Rowe (F)
  • Isaac Preston (’13)
  • Doug Preston (P)
  • Cody Mitchell (’13)
  • Griffin Palola (’14)
  • Luis Allen (’15)
  • Jacob Kendall (S)
  • Wang Xi (’14)
  • Tim Hallenbeck (intern)
  • John Romac (F) – driving
  • Win Mitchell (P) – driving


Running VESTS (orange reflector types)  – 2

Running lights headlamps – 2

Blinking reflector lights – 3 (one for bicycle to accompany at night)


Times Record Article October 30, 2012 (pdf)

Times Record Article December 4, 2012 (pdf)



A big thank you to our sponsors who have generously donated to make this event possible!

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