10/22 – 10/28: Kiefer Cundy

Kiefer Cundy
Kiefer Cundy

Athlete of the Week
October 22 – 28, 2012

Boys Varsity Soccer

Coach Smith writes, “Kiefer has been working really hard and demonstrating a positive attitude.” This week, Kiefer scored two second half goals, one of which turned out to be the game winner in a closely contended match with Dublin School. His work rate and inspired play in the second half of the Dublin game captures the essence of what Kiefer brings to the team and the school. As a sophomore, Kiefer is a full time starting player for the second year in a row and is an impact player every day. He plays hard, clean soccer each time he steps on the field. He has also really started to embrace his leadership potential on the field, realizing that his effort and attitude is infectious and point his team toward victory.