10/15 – 10/22: Austin Wang & Talin Rowe

Austin Wang and Talin Rowe
Austin Wang and Talin Rowe

Athlete(s) of the Week
October 15-22, 2012

Cross Country

In the spirit of Rudyard Kipling’s Rikki Tikki Tavi, Austin Wang and Talin Rowe have taken to calling themselves the Mongoose Mambas. They are part of an elite 4 pack of Hyde Phoenix runners (along with Mokeme and Palola) that tear up the course and are largely responsible for Hyde’s dominance in the cross country field of MAISAD schools.

Rowe and Wang battle against each other every Saturday. You can find them running together on the trail. Rowe got the better of Wang for two weeks (Hyde, Hebron) before Wang rebounded to run a scorching time this past weekend of 16:45.

Both athletes ran their fastest time ever. And Hyde defeated Kents Hill and SeaCoast by 22 points on Fall Family Weekend.

“Talin and Austin are guys that I know I can always count on. They have a real strong spirit. They have a real presence with their teammates ” said Coach Liu.

The similarities extend off the trail as well. Austin has taken a leadership role in the jobs program. Talin is the cross country team jobs foreman. During the second half of most lunches they can be found in the student life center together as the xc team cleans. But it doesn’t stop there. Both athletes regularly work the Food Truck, have signed up for Big Brother/Big Sister Program and are part of the fundraising run: Flight of the Phoenix: From Bath to Woodstock.

“What I like about these guys is their grit. They rise to the occasion. They’re tough. Austin was struggling with shin splints, Talin was sick all week. And you know what, they both PR’d (personal record)! They seem to rise when we most need them to.” -Rowe

This is their first cross country season.