Wolf Pack JV Football Highlights: KO, PAS, and St. George’s Matchups

Kingswood-Oxford School: 28

Hyde-Woodstock: 0 

On Wednesday, September 24th, the Hyde Wolfpack JV Football team had a game at home against Kingswood-Oxford.  This was the team’s first game of the season, and we were all excited to see how we would square up against KO.  John Nelson ’14 led the team as QB and we had several returning players from last year’s squad.  Kingswood-Oxford effectively ran a Maryland-I offense against our 4-4 defense and moved the ball down the field for a total of four touchdowns on the day, but several players from Hyde stepped up to make tackles on defense and gain yards on offense.  Peter Markham ’13 made several tackles along with Jessie McKiernan ’14 and Andrew Wang ’15Devin Peterson ’16 stopped a line drive kickoff and fell on the ball to trap it safely, and Steve Wang ’13 ran aggressively.  All in all, the day was a litmus test for the season ahead.  We need to work on our tackling skills and work on moving the ball more effectively while on offense.  Our next game is in a week against Portsmouth Abbey.


Portsmouth Abbey School: 8

Hyde-Woodstock: 0

On Wednesday, October 3rd, the Hyde Wolfpack JV Football team faced off at home against Portsmouth Abbey School.  In the past, this has been a one-sided battle and the PAS squad has been very tough.  This year, Hyde stepped their game up and played sound defense.  The linebacker team of Justin Shulman ’14, Jessie McKiernan ’14, Steve Wang ’13, and Peter Przybycien ’14 successfully stopped several outside run attempts, and the defensive line led by Andrew Wang ’15, Adam Nittler ’14, Chris Travis ’13 and Julian Goldenberg ’13 stuffed plays up the middle repeatedly.  PAS eventually was able to put together a string of successive offensive plays that earned them 8 points.  Hyde struggled again at offense, but new QB Josh Bouchard stepped into an unfamiliar role with both humility and heart.  We also had some strong runs by Kal Lemoine ’14, Steve Wang ’13, Dumasani Samuels ’16, Alex-Britz Cunningham ‘14 and Jason Zhao ’14.  Hyde earned two trips to the end zone, but these were called back due to penalties, an issue which we plan to address in upcoming practices.  This game was phenomenal and the entire team worked hard.  We look forward to playing PAS again in a few weeks on their home turf.  Our next game is in a week against St. George’s School.


St. George’s School: 40

Hyde-Woodstock: 6

On Wednesday, October 10th, the Hyde Wolfpack JV Football team faced off at home against St. George’s School.  They day began with a deluge of rainfall, but the weather cleared as the game clock started.  St. George’s ran an interesting offense that utilized two wing backs, and this quickly led to confusion for the defense.  They easily earned their first drive into 8 points and it was Hyde’s turn with the ball.  Kal Lemoine ’14 was easily the player of the game and racked up roughly 80 yards rushing and earned our first touchdown of the season.  He ran tough, but unfortunately we could not consistently convert on downs.  Doug Main ’15 stepped in this week as center and displayed toughness on the field, and we were joined by new student Reed Rowbotham ’15 who played tough as both defensive end and tight end.  Stephen Southwell ’14 worked hard on both offense and defense and earned several tackles and a few sacks.  Unfortunately, Hyde was hampered by some issues with personnel and penalties.  The second half defense did begin to stop the wing back offense, and we will spend the week refining both our offense and defense to meet the next challenge.  We play Hyde-Bath on the Friday of Family Weekend and hope to help win the President’s Cup!

Coaches Jenkins & Morgan