Hyde Weekly
: October 6 – 12, 2012

This is an informal e-communication from Hyde-Bath and Hyde-Woodstock, intended to share highlights, signs of growth, issues that are being addressed and thoughts from the Heads of School. Its purpose is to bring the Hyde parents and the larger community into the school culture.


School Meeting

In preparation for Family Weekend, the school meeting this week focused on the various attitudes we all accumulate as we move through our lives.  To give a visual of how unproductive attitudes can attach themselves to us and some of the effects they can have, senior Billy Martinez was literally papered with attitudes.  When asked what they noticed as the attitudes began to mount, some of the comments from the students were:

“He can’t really see where he is going and we can’t really see him”

“Maybe if he moved, some of those attitudes would fall off”

“He’s separated or protected by the attitudes”

The meeting continued with students and teachers sharing what attitudes might hold them back or push them forward during Family Weekend, and then discussing what attitudes might do the same for their family members.  The conclusions we came to were that attitudes acquired and reinforced over time; some are more productive than others; and we can choose which ones to keep and which ones to discard.  Fall Family Weekend is an opportunity to rely on our best attitudes.


 Hyde Parent Richard Preece shares with the Hyde Leadership Society his success of Taking Hyde into the Workplace

The Hyde Leadership Society spent Monday evening with Hyde parent and Franklin Templeton Division Manager, Richard Preece.  Over the past year, he has been bringing some Hyde concepts (concern meetings, seminars and the Ten Priorities) to the division that he oversees.

He told the HLS gathering that the results of using Hyde’s Ten Priorities in a business application have been successful and exciting. He believes the people who work with him are becoming more honest, more productive and feel more supported in what they are doing together. Mr. Preece shared, “Their increasing honesty with one another is developing a perceptible trust. This has in turn made the work environment feel more positive and team-like.”

He challenged the HLS members, as they develop their leadership potential, to practice Brother’s Keeper as a means of cultivating a more positive group culture.  “It may be easier to get started than people believe, and once it is in motion no one wants to see it end,” Preece stated.

The HLS members, including Erika Corley ’13, Kara Fischer ’13, Katie Comeaux ’13, Caroline Hammond ’13, Jen Morin ’14, Carolyn Moore ‘14, Cody Mitchell ’13, Michael McInerney ’13, Terry Norris ’13, Moises Diaz ’13, Richard Liu ’14, Wilson MacMillan ’14, found the presentation helpful and inspiring.


Fall Family Weekend in Bath

Fall Family Weekend in Bath is in full swing with over 130 families attending.  The theme for the weekend is Courage.  Last night the parents attended a talk by Joe Gauld on the weekend’s theme and copies of Joe’s new book, What Kids Want – and Need – From Parents, were distributed to the families.  The very busy weekend includes community meetings, class visits, a senior class meeting with Malcolm Gauld, Discovery Group seminars, parent workshops, athletic events, regional meetings and tonight’s guest speaker, Catch Me If You Can’s Frank Abagnale.

Assistant Head of School and Dean of Students, Rich Truluck, shared, “I always enjoy seeing the parents of the students I’ve been working with for the past four years, and am pleased to meet the parents of the new students.  I’m looking forward to a great Family Weekend.  Even with the cold rainy day outside, the energy on campus is high and it promises to be a wonderful weekend.




 Leadership Opportunities 

Leadership opportunities presented themselves both inside and outside of our community recently.  Early in the week a group of students came together to raise awareness about respect by running a school meeting (see below).  Some hard working athletes enjoyed some time on Tuesday night watching the University of Connecticut play Iona in men’s soccer.  On Thursday, the Hyde Leadership Society members took the lead on helping set up, and man, Hyde-Woodstock’s first blood drive of the year.  Additionally, HLS members took advantage of a relevant and important political opportunity to visit the University of Connecticut to observe a heated debate between Senate candidates Linda McMahon (R) and Chris Murphy (D).

Both inside of and outside of our community, leadership was rewarded and tested as students stepped up to opportunities and curiosity.



 This week’s school meeting illustrated the role students can play in creating change in our community.  Over the last two weeks, a small group of students and faculty met and planned a workshop to discuss the multicultural nature of Hyde and how to best build a culture of mutual respect.  Led by Rongpei (Tina) Zhang ’13, Nicola Gomez ’13, Kuo-Hsiang (Stanley) Yao ’13, Hannah Peters ’13, Thomas Nixon ’14, Yingrui (Lily) Sun ’14, Nick Davis ’13, Danny Shaw-Vicente ’13, Lingyi (Lily) Xu ’14, and Alina Donnelly ’13, the school meeting began by defining diversity and then illustrating the challenges of miscommunication and misunderstanding through a collection of skits. Additionally, the school was asked to think about different stereotypes and issues that they create. The meeting concluded by emphasizing the importance of not judging others and having an open mind.

Student reflections at the end of the meeting included:

  • Be mindful: think about what your words mean before you say them or post them.
  • Observe the Golden Rule – treat others as you wish to be treated
  • Don’t use stereotypes as an excuse for ignorance
  • Respect and celebrate our diverse backgrounds
  • Seek to understand and relate to our differences


Mid-Season Sports Update

 Halfway through the athletic season it is time to pause and take stock of our teams and see how they are faring.

  • Boys Varsity Soccer – Sitting at 6 – 3 overall and 4 – 2 in the SENE, the Wolfpack are in a great position to earn a high seed in the conference tournament.  A strong core of seniors – including Graham Davidson, Felipe Azevedo, Jared Larsen, Will Davis, and Sean Kokdil – have been the foundation of the team, and several new Hyde students have been major contributors to the team as well – namely juniors Parker Roma and Jake Hedrick, and freshman Toby Obayashi.  The team’s most recent 6-1 victory at Rocky Hill was its best showing to date, and the hope is continue this momentum into the toughest stretch of the season’s schedule.
  • Boys  Junior Varsity Soccer – The team played its best this year in the game on Saturday against Valley View.  Highlights have been senior Xiaofeng Yan’s improvement as a novice to the sport. Using his athletic speed, he has become a very effective defender.  Justin Ashkin ‘14 shows effective support out of the backfield and has the courage to move the ball with long runs. Dong Ding ’13 never stops hustling. Van Zhou ’13 anchors the defense.  Overall, the team is learning how to keep its shape on both offense and defensive stands
  • Girls Varsity Soccer – Despite injuries and tough opponents, the Girls Varsity squad has put forth exceptional effort.  Some highlights include Hannah Peters ’13, who had a great game against Rocky Hill this past Friday, and Cha Cha Diaz ’14, who has greatly improved her offensive skill. Jenna Kowalski ’13 has been a star in goal with her effort and numerous saves.
  • Girls Junior Varsity Soccer – This week JV girls soccer addressed the issues that were holding them back from supporting each other and working as a team on and off the field. Clearing the decks helped the team move forward and toward the end of the week they showed effort and enthusiasm on the field. The team is excited for the upcoming game against Bath on Saturday.
  • Boys Varsity Football – Currently in a three game winning streak, Varsity Football has had a great start to the fall. Senior leadership is palpable on the field this year, as captains Daniel “Don-Don” Palmer ’13, Connor McLaughlin ’13, and Greg Munetz ’13 have set the tone and continue to lead the team with conviction. Senior Joe Yanovitch has also made his presence felt with his enthusiasm, focus, and toughness. Additionally, a recent star has been Omri West ’16, who has become a two way starter for the Wolfpack. Omri has taken on this challenge with courage and a strong work ethic, and his potential is huge for the team both now and in the future.
  • Boys Junior Varsity Football – JV Football has been a fun team to coach this season.  Although they are not the most talented set of athletes, they are coachable, fun-loving, and good natured.  They are beginning to gel as a team and a highlight was our game against Portsmouth Abbey where we held them to only eight points.
  • Boys Cross Country – The team had a strong start to the fall season, but have struggled to maintain that momentum recently. The boys are currently working on restructuring and on finding some new leadership in order to regain their early success and energy.

 Most teams are headed up to Bath this weekend to compete for the President’s Cup, so we wish them the best of luck!


Student Spotlight

 This week, Kitty Zhang ‘14 took the student spotlight segment and shared some of her life story with the school. She talked about what it was like growing up in China and highlighted some of the challenges her family went through. As she said, “When things were difficult, my mother took charge of the family and never quit. She was a big role model for me and someone who has inspired me with her courage.” Kitty received some positive reactions from the community:

  • “It is great to learn more about you.”
  • “I guess the same stuff happens with families everywhere.”
  • “I really connected with your story, because my story with my family is very similar. I’d like to talk with you more, because I think we could really help each other.”

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