Bath: Hyde JV Boys Soccer vs. Hebron 10/6

Hyde- 0                                                                        Hyde at Hebron 10/6                                                 

Hebron- 6


                On Saturday, the Hyde Phoenix Junior Varsity Boys soccer team travelled to Hebron to play them during their Homecoming weekend.  In our previous meeting with the Hebron Lumberjacks, Hyde JV Boys fared decently, scoring 3 goals to their 9.  In this match, however, the boys were not able to get on the scoreboard but did manage in better defending the skilled Hebron players.  Moustapha Naing ’14 played very well at sweeper, stopping many drives by the Hebron strikers.  In net, the Hyde boys were joined by varsity goalie Alexi Philippoussis ’15 who made a number of impressive saves that prevented Hebron from taking a more commanding lead.  At midfield, Max Kaplan ’15 and David Wu ’15 played hard and aggressive, setting an excellent example for their teammates to follow.  Although Hyde did not score and Hebron put in quite a few goals, the Hyde JV Boys truly have been progressing as a team.  Beginning last week in our match against Berwick at home, the team really began to play as one.  The difference has been staying positive, communicating, and playing as hard as possible.  In the game against Hebron, Hyde continued to work hard, regardless of the time left on the clock or the score on the board, playing as hard as they could for all 80 minutes.  My hope is to see the team continue their aggressive and team-minded play as they progress to their next match versus Woodstock during Fall Family Weekend.


Ned Kegan

Hyde JV Boys Soccer Coach