Hyde Weekly #5: September 29 – October 5, 2012

This is an informal e-communication from Hyde-Bath and Hyde-Woodstock, intended to share highlights, signs of growth, issues that are being addressed and thoughts from the Heads of School. Its purpose is to bring the Hyde parents and the larger community into the school culture.


 Class Meetings

In place of the regular weekly school meeting, we met in class groups.  The seniors had a series of Concern Meetings in which an individual is able to get some feedback and observations regarding where peers and faculty members see their growth, strengths and challenges.  The juniors met with Assistant Head of School Rich Truluck to talk about the class taking an expanded role in the Dean’s area.  The sophomores and freshmen met together and had a special assignment: they were asked to identify who among the senior class they felt were the most effective leaders.  The 9th & 10th graders took the assignment very seriously and identified the following seniors as leaders for the following reasons:

Cody Baker – helpful in the dorm; Erika Corley  – works hard in the dorm & dependable; Steven Dwight  – good listener, looks out for the younger kids; Nabil Eshraghian  – caring, trustworthy, Brother’s Keeper; Kara Fischer  – role model in the community; Troy Jones  – unselfish, commitment; Zach Krieg  – leadership in the dorm; Peter Lin – holds standards, concern; Billy Martinez  –  role model, easy to speak to; Michael McInerney  – concern for others; Ethan Morrow  – Brother’s Keeper, listens; Terry Norris  – Brother’s Keeper, concern, integrity in his job; Isaac Preston  – honesty; Sagel Prosser  – reaches out to underclassmen; Austin Wang  – works hard, Brother’s Keeper, trustworthy; Purple Zhao  – role model.

Unsung Heroes

In the Thursday faculty meeting, we spent time talking about who are some of the unsung heroes in the student body.  While these students might not be flourishing in all areas of the school, they were recognized for the positive steps they are taking in some areas that might be going unnoticed.  After each name is a word or phrase that summarizes the area or characteristic being recognized by the faculty:

Jack Howarth ’14 – dependability; Richard Liu ’14 – prepared all summer for XC; engaged student;  Zach Krieg ’13 – consistent and trying hard; great dorm presence;  Alexy Billon ’14 – great in Discovery Group; Erika Corley ’13 – gaining strength as a leader; Moustapha Niang ’13 – gaining strength as a leader; Ethan Morrow ’13  – mentoring younger students; George Wang ’14 – working hard to bridge language gap; Imani Hiller-Bateau ’15 – emerging leader; job foreman; Brian Edwards ’14 – great in Discovery Group; Ross Ji ’16 – working hard to bridge language gap; Nicky Li ’13 – working hard in classes; Moises Diaz ’13 – self-starter, mature leader; Isaiah Mokeme ’15 – doing great in cross country and class; Hope Stinson ’14 and Eve Amato ’14 – helped turn an off-track class around; Griffin Palola-Harriman ’14 – great in Discovery Group; Austin Markis ’15 – a positive force on the football team and a hard worker in class; Leo Wang ’15 – doing the right thing and asking questions; Austin Wang ’13 – endeavoring to do something great; Jamie Lynch ’15 – pushing for something better, consistent work ethic; Gunnar Whiting ’16 – a positive part of the soccer team; Sam Mann ’13 – works hard on soccer team; Wilson MacMillan ’14 and Caroline Moore ’14 – taking the lead of AP History class; Chris Moreau ’14 – courage on the sports field and leading his Biology class; Erica Hirschhorn ’15 – looks to help others; Susanna McManus ’14 – doing great in soccer and math; Katerina Ellison ’14 – doing great in her Discovery Group; more vocal; Diamond Brown ’16 – stepping up as a leader in the dorm; Zeyuan Tang ’15 – providing great help in the Library; and Nabil Eshraghian ’13 – stepping up as a leader in soccer and as a job foreman.

Hyde Phoenix Take Flight

Hyde Phoenix, the defending MAISAD Cross Country Champions, continued in their winning ways as they dominated prep school competition defeating Hebron Academy, Kents Hill and Seacoast on the 2.9 mile course Saturday, September 28, in overcast and wet conditions. Led by Senior Isaac Preston, the Phoenix placed 3 runners: Preston-2nd (16:14), Cody Mitchell ’13 – 5th (16:55), and Talin Rowe ’14 – 6th (17:16) in the top 6 positions and 5 in the top 10 slots to defeat the attending MAISAD schools.  Talin Rowe ’14 and Austin Wang ’13 looked strong as they chased team captain Cody Mitchell ’13, finishing within acorn-throwing distance from him. Richard Liu ’14 (18:24) and Brian Edwards ’14 (18:28) continued to improve as they ran the fastest times of their career.  Freshman Ross Ji, had a personal record with a time of 20:15.

Rising in the early hours of Sunday morning, September 30, Hyde traveled to Portland to participate in The Maine Marathon.  Runners from the men’s varsity cross country teamed up with some of the members of the women’s soccer team, along with faculty members, to run relay legs of the 26 mile course in the pouring autumn rain. “The Maine Marathon is Maine’s most outstanding athletic event.  Race Director Howard Spear and his volunteers do an incredible job each year,” said Hyde Coach Peter Rowe.  Isaiah Mokeme ’15 added, “What I liked about running the Marathon was that I realized that I was in the company of some of the best runners.  It felt good going against them.”


(Bath, ME- Hyde Cross Country with Food Bank organizer, Kimberly Gates)

Starting off the week with enthusiasm at The Maine Marathon, the cross-country team continued to stay involved in the community and volunteered at the Bath Mobile Food Truck on Tuesday, October 2.  The team helped unload and stock donated food items. Food Bank organizer, Kimberly Gates, was particularly impressed by the diligent spirit of the Hyde Phoenix. Upon being asked of the experience, Captain Cody Mitchell ’13 responded, “It was very rewarding. We, as a team, work hard both on and off the trail.”

With its winning streak, the team looks forward to its next meet this Saturday at Hebron Academy.



We are more alike than we are different.

Last weekend, some of the tensions of international and domestic students arose in the dish room and resulted in name calling all around. A small group of girls met and decided to have a sleep over at the Head’s house to connect to each other and develop a better understanding of different cultures. Fifteen girls from different backgrounds arrived and soon were put through an art assignment directed by Art Department Chair Brooke Felt. Each pair of students had to look at each other intensely for a period and draw what they saw, without looking at their sketch paper. Within minutes, the room erupted in laughter and the exercise broke the ice and started the groups sharing and signing each work of art.

Later around the fire, the girls shared the origins of their names as well as how it felt for everyone to leave home and come to Hyde. There was a lot of laughter and also the recognition that someone in Shanghai may be more similar than one thought. Of course, no sleep over would be complete without plenty of pizza, chips, Chinese take-out and a mediocre movie. Some of the take away from the evening:

“This was really fun and I think we need to do more of this to bond our female community.”

“I didn’t really want to do this, but am so glad that I came.”

“At the core, we are all Hyde.”

 Academic Effort

The Honor Guard was posted and acknowledged those students with high effort in their classes. Academic Dean Rachel Folan said, “I am really proud of these students as they have set the bar high for the year. I look for others to be inspired to join this group.”  The students in the Honor Guard are as follows:  Uzoma Agbasionye’14, Felipe Azevedo ’14, Megan Belka ’14, Evan Berger ’15, Kai Bixby ’15, Zehua “Steven” Chen ’14, Nicholas Davis ‘13, Alina Donnelly ‘13, Jenna Dubinsky ’14, Tyquan Ekejiuba ’12, Samantha Frisoli ’15, Katherine Hagood ’13,  Alexander Holland ’13, Tyler Jenkins ’15, Christien Kerdavid ’16, Dawit Kiflemariam ’15, Scott Leonard ’14, Amelia Lyle ’14, Dylan Marx ’14, Connor McLaughlin ’13, Marcos Mercado ’14, Thomas Nixon ’14, Tobin Obayashi-Breunig ’16, Hannah Peters ’13, Lucas Richards ’14, Parker Roma ’14, Henry Rothenberg ’16, John Schaer ’14, Jessica Schwartz ’14, Yiren “Tony” Shao ’13, Yujing “Jessica” Shao ’14, Daniel Shaw-Vicente ’15, Christopher Travis ’13, Omri West ’16, Matthew Wysocki ’13, Aine Zaniewski ’13,  Rongpei “Tina” Zhang ’13, Xiaokun “Kitty” Zhang ’14.

Catch your breath and catch up!

Thursday, the school stepped back from the rigorous schedule and gave students and faculty some time to catch up on the following:

  • Homework
  • College applications
  • Rest
  • Dorm and wing standards
  • Group study projects
  • Faculty conversations
  • Concern meetings

It was clear that everyone appreciated and benefitted from the day as we look ahead to Fall Family Weekend and the rest of the fall term.

 It was all worth it.

Most teachers know that their work does not always received instant gratification. As the saying goes, one never truly knows the effect of good teaching. This week, we received an email from Ben Lieber ’12, who shared his thoughts on college and his take away from his Hyde education.

Loving my new life in Savannah more than I could ever imagine! I feel great about where I am as a student, as a lacrosse player, and as a member of the SCAD community. When I get overwhelmed I just remind myself… “I’m not the best artist here, I’m not the best lacrosse player here, but I am of good character and I was able to learn and come into my own at a school not many people have the chance to attend.”

 I find myself cleaning my room all the time even though Mr. Fabs isn’t here to yell at me if I don’t. I find myself picking up random pieces of trash sometimes and getting the “What is that kid doing?” look. And, on Monday mornings, I see my Hyde ties and wish I could throw it on. My Hyde education was all worth it.”

Worth it indeed, and a powerful reminder that each day at Hyde, we are making a difference.  LDG/DM


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