Girls V Soccer Falls to MPS, 5-0

Marianapolis – 5

Hyde – 0

Hyde Girls Varsity Soccer dropped to 0-6, as they faced Marianapolis Monday. After twenty minutes, the team found themselves trying to climb out of a four goal deficit. Hyde didn’t come out with the spirit and determination that they hoped for. But with just over five minutes left in the half, the girls came together and realized that their skills were not out matched. By halftime, Hyde seemed like a new team. Hyde had Marianapolis on their heels and the determination rolled into the second half.

Marcy Altobello came onto the field the second half leading her team with everything she had. Her lively spirit brought energy to the field. Although the girls were down on the scoreboard, their attitudes said otherwise. The Wolf Pack put multiple scoring opportunities together through great communication and passing. The momentum had clearly shifted towards the home team but it was too late. The lead that the ladies of Marianapolis had gained in the first half was too much for Hyde to overcome. Hopefully the plays put together by the midfield and offense will result in goals on Wednesday. For now, Hyde accepts the 5-0 loss.

Overall, we are still waiting to see the ladies of Hyde give an opposing team eighty full minutes of tough play. Their conditioning and skills are well enough to deserve multiple wins. At this point, it is up to them to find the drive to get a “W”


Coach Varney