Wolf Pack Cross Country @ Cheshire

Cross Country @ Cheshire

This week the guys put in more miles, more hills, longer repeats, and more reps in the weight room as they built towards the last half of the season.  Many came into today’s race with heavy legs, sore from the work of the week.  For the team every race is important but not every race is as important as the next.  Sometimes training comes before setting personal records and this was one of those weeks.  The guys ran a tight meet against Chase, Wilbraham and Monson, and Cheshire.  Unfortunately we finished last of the four teams with scores as follows:  WMA- 40, Chase-50, Cheshire-55, Hyde-69.  Again, lacking a top runner cost us around 20 points and a shot at first or second.  Marcos Mercado and Scott Leonard led the team placing 8th and 9th.  Matt Marshall struggled to keep the pace this race but found himself running with and encouraging a teammate to push on.  The guys hearts were in the right place and the effort was there, unfortunately it didn’t all come together today, but Saturday is another meet at Marianapolis and the team has plenty to build off of moving forward.


Coach Welch