Tough Loss for Girls Varsity Soccer vs Wheeler, 0-6

Hyde: 0

Wheeler: 6

The Girls Varsity Soccer team lost a tough game against Wheeler on Friday. As the ladies took to the field the rain began to pour down. The ladies started out strong with Maureen Bellowar ’13 playing a new position as stopper. Her determination allowed the defense to hold strong as Wheeler pressured the Wolf Pack. Marcy Altobello ’13 worked hard to direct the defense and placed beautiful balls down the sidelines for Amelia Lyle ’14, Marlena Reeves ’14 and Alina Donelly ’13 to run on.  Jincha Diaz ’14 and Samri Krogman’14 began to work well together as the primary strikers for the game.  During the first half the Wolf Pack gave up a penalty kick to Wheeler, after the goal, the momentum dropped and Wheeler managed to continuously beat the midfield and defense.


The ladies held strong and continued to work for the rest of the game. The girls worked on sending balls down the sidelines and our defense worked on outlets. Our strikers worked on pushing the field up while the midfielders had to both spread the field wide, work hard on offense, and transition back on defense. The defense consisting of, Katherine Hagood ’13, Hannah Peter’13, Maureen Bellowar ’13, and Marcy Altobello ’13 showed a commitment to never give up as Wheeler beat Hyde.

Coach Varney