Bath: Boys Varsity Soccer vs. Bowdoin College JV

Hyde School                       1

Bowdoin College              1


Boys Varsity Soccer traveled to Bowdoin College to play their Men’s JV team yesterday afternoon.  The match was played on natural grass under sunny skies.  The Hyde lads faced a strong offensive threat from the Bowdoin team early in the match.  For most of the first 15 minutes of play the ball rarely moved out of Hyde’s defensive end of the field.  However, strong defending by Nabil Eshraghian`13, PG Sam Mann and Wilson MacMillan`14 paired with solid play by Keeper Billy Martinez`14 kept the ball from finding the back of the net.  Hyde settled down and regained composure and created a few scoring opportunities.  However, at half time the score remained 0-0.

Both teams returned to the field after the half time break with renewed enthusiasm and effort.  The Phoenix players were able to successfully move the ball through the midfield largely the result of Kiefer Cundy’s’15 tenacious play.  This created more offensive chances, resulting in some great shots on goal.  Nabil Eshraghian`13  laced a blistering shot that rung the crossbar from just outside the box.  Shortly after, Hyde’s Jamal Frazer-Borden`13 scored on a PK the result of a hard tackle in the box.  However, the Polar Bears kept up their attack and were able to even the score in the 85th minute of play.  The match ended in a tie.  All in all, a solid showing for Hyde School soccer.