Boys JV Soccer Takes on Wheeler and PSA

9/21: Hyde Boys JV Soccer at Wheeler: 0-9 Loss

Boys JV soccer lost to Wheeler 0-9 this afternoon. Hyde’s midfield and offense was unable to match Wheeler’s ball handling and distribution, leading to constant long distance shots on goal. Andrew Kim ’14 was a highlight coming off the bench and lending his endurance to midfield. Martin Ma ’15 showed promise at defense. Jack Yan ’13 continues to progress rapidly a player, and his speed, control and leadership has proven an asset to our defense.

9/17: Hyde Boys JV Soccer vs. Putnam Science Academy: 0-8 Loss

Boys JV soccer played against a more experienced Putnam Science Academy squad last Monday. Putnam Science’s experience allowed them to capitalize off novice mistakes. Marking improved over the course of the game, however, as Putnam Science scored five goals in the first half and three in the second. Our team succeeded in a few strong counter attacks and was able to take some shots on goal. John Schaer ’14 was the man of the game helping to cover all areas of the field and, along with Clement Hong ’16, leading our offensive strike. The appearance of Kevin Ding ’13 at midfield showed promise for our team as the season progresses.


Coach Bertozzi