Hyde Weekly, Sept 15-21, 2012

 Hyde Weekly

September 15 – 21, 2012

This is an informal e-communication from Hyde-Bath and Hyde-Woodstock, intended to share highlights, signs of growth, issues that are being addressed and thoughts from the Heads of School. Its purpose is to bring the Hyde parents and the larger community into the school culture.


 Tree Art

Forty-two art students took to the trees outside of the art barn last week to experience working outside with clay.  The weather was beautiful and the students were excited to try a new medium in a new environment. Ms. Randall asked students to, “Take a risk, try something new, and take your time as you begin to experiment with clay, your hands, and the trees around you.”  Students began to create large exaggerated clay faces or tree spirits. One by one, the tree people came into being.  Jeans Jiaraksa ’15 enjoyed experimenting, adding metal to create an extension of his face. Another student Joey Romo ’15 used three trees, one for each eye and another for the mouth. All agreed Joey made the best use of the outdoor space.  Monday, students learned about critique methods as they strolled through the woods reflecting on all the different faces. Tuesday brought rain and the faces have begun to melt and change and in a sense recreate themselves anew.  All of this created an opportunity to explore the lessons learned in temporary art.

Claire Yin ’13 and Sam Mann ’13 working on their tree art projects.

Fall Athletics Are In Full Swing

This weekend, all of our teams will have completed their first contests of the season.  The coaches have commented unilaterally on how hard their teams have been working and how positive they have all been since the beginning of pre-season.

Women’s Varsity Soccer- The team has had two contests and is still looking for its first win.  They will open league play on Saturday against Hebron.  Standouts so far have been Hope Stinson ’14, at sweeper, Carolyn Moore ’14, at stopper and Katie Comeaux ’13, in goal.

Women’s JV Soccer- With many players new to the sport, the team is learning with each practice and game.  Leading the team with equal parts determination and enthusiasm have been Katerina Ellison ’14, and Chloe Blaylock ’16. Although losing their game on Wednesday 2-0 to Hebron Academy, they are primed to enter the win column next time on the pitch.

Men’s Varsity Soccer- The team has posted a 2-1 record so far after wins against Putnam Science last weekend and taking their first league game 7-3 against Kents Hill School.  On the offensive side, Ethan Morrow ’13, Kiefer Cundy ’15 and Jamal Frazer-Borden ’13 have provided plenty of punch while the defense has been anchored by Wondo Shaw ’13 and Nabil Eshraghian ’13.  Next up is Bowdon College JV’s this afternoon.

Men’s JV Soccer- A great work ethic and a willingness to be coached have distinguished these young men so far.  While working towards their initial win, a number of them have already earned playing time in some of the varsity games which is the ultimate objective for all JV athletes.  These players have included Hans Xu ’13, Max Kaplan ’15 and James Lee ’15.

Cross-Country- The harriers of Hyde will compete in their first league race on Saturday at Gould Academy.  The past two Saturdays, they have been prepping for the season with road races in Bar Harbor and Portland.  The team is ready to defend its title behind lead runners Isaac Preston ’13, Cody Mitchell ’13 and a pack of newcomers including Isaiah Mokeme ’15, Talin Rowe ’14, Griffin Palola-Harriman ’14, and Austin Wang ’13.

 Football- A long trip to Tilton School awaits the team this Saturday for their first game of the year.  Hopes are high for a strong start behind team captains Steven Dwight ’13 and TJ Norris ’13, as well as Troy Jones ’13, Austin Makris ’15 and Cody Baker ’13.


JV Football Players after Practice


Guest Speaker

The school meeting this week was turned over to Geno Ring, a long-time friend of Hyde, who works in the field of substance abuse.  Geno spoke with the students and faculty about some of the misperceptions and misinformation in our culture regarding substance use. For instance, he talked about the notion that marijuana use is often times viewed as  “harmless,” when in fact, studies are now showing that marijuana use is tied with lower IQ scores and that those losses are never regained.  Also, he challenged the commonly held perception that “everyone is doing it” when it comes to alcohol use by citing  studies that actually show the vast majority of teenagers do not use alcohol regularly or even frequently.  Next, the students participated in theatrical role playing and got a visual of how complicated family life can be even when there is not substance use.   It became quite obvious to all that it is very easy for parents to fall into roles of being too controlling, too absent or simply overwhelmed.  For the “children,” we saw them react and respond to their “family” by being overly responsible or not responsible at all, by being the center of attention or by being quiet and out of the way, or disregarding their family in favor of entertaining their friends.  As Geno reiterated a number of times with the students, they are at a stage in their development when any substance use is ill-advised whether it eventually would lead to a problem or not.




 Women’s Soccer Highlights

The Hyde women’s varsity soccer team kicked off their regular season play with an out-of-league contest against WWNEPSSA opponent MacDuffie School in Granby, MA. Slow off the initial game whistle, the Wolf Pack took control about ten minutes into play, showing great promise and improvement since the opening of preseason practices.  The midfield, led by Maureen Bellwoar ’13 and Alina Donnelly ’13, was stellar in moving the ball from flank to flank, looking for an attack channel.  Bellwoar continued her tremendous game contribution with several impeccable corner kicks, but the Hyde offense was unfortunately unable to capitalize.  Even with a 6-2 shot advantage in the first half for Hyde, MacDuffie was able to catch a flatfooted Wolf Pack with about ten minutes remaining in the half and claim the lead.  After Hyde missed a beautiful corner kick opportunity, MacDuffie counter-attacked quickly, finding a 6 – 3 advantage as the Wolf Pack midfield was slow to recover.  With numbers up and a well-placed shot, Hyde fell behind on the scoreboard even with dominating play.

The second half of play saw total domination by the Wolf Pack.  Bellwoar and Donnelly continued to control the pace of the game with the support of Samantha Frisoli ’15, solidly contributing in nearly every position on the field.  Marlena Reeves ’14 amped up her offensive threat while Grace Briggs ’14 continued to look for opportunities in the box and ways to support her teammates from the striker position.  The defensive four of Katherine Hagood ’13, Lauren Maloney ’13, Hannah Peters ’13, and their leader Marcy Altobello ’13 denied MacDuffie any offensive penetration, never allowing the ball to cross half field.  Adding to the impressive play was goalie Sarah Gaebe ’15, who found herself minding the net for the first time after the starting keeper fell to an injury the prior day.  Her grit and tenacity inspired her teammates.  It was a promising start to the season for Hyde.

 Open a Book

Along with the goals of Hyde’s Learning Promise of developing writers, speakers and problem solvers, the faculty did summer training on the benefits of increased literacy and its effects on strengthening writing proficiency. This Wednesday, English department head Dan Osar led the school in a school-wide reading time.  Mr. Osar asked the school to bring a textbook, novel, newspaper or magazine article to the morning meeting.  As he said, “Spread out and let’s take some time to read.  Enjoy.”  Some of the comments after the community read were:

  • This was a nice way to start the day.”
  • “It was a great atmosphere in there, quieter than I would have thought.”
  • “Reading is hard for me.”
  • “I am into a great book and liked having some time to catch up.”

Lesson of Integrity

This week, our Admissions team of Jason Warnick and Kevin Folan led us in a discussion on integrity and tough decisions that face our students and faculty in the culture. Real world situations like the recent Harvard University cheating scandal and sports controversies were discussed. Some of the questions posed to the group:

  • Does the end justify the means? If you win the game, does it matter if you did it fairly?
  • Does the “real world” honor integrity and fair play?
  • When we cut corners in our lives, why do we do it? What corners would we never cut?

It was a thought provoking meeting. A comment that inspired many of us came from Marcos Mercado ’14, “In a wrestling match, if I lock my hands under my opponent and the referee does not see it, I have stood up and called myself on it because I do not want to win that way. I have found it increases my opponent’s respect for me and my respect for myself.”

In a week where many were feeling overwhelmed with work and demands, we wrapped up the week with an inspirational talk from Jim Bouchard, who wrote a book on the lessons one can learn by acting like a black belt. He shared his story and challenged the group to view life first and foremost as a learner. He gave his definition of “perfection” as a verb as opposed to an unattainable noun. As he said, “Perfection is not a destination; it is a never ending process.” LDG/DM