Bath: GVS at Berwick Jamboree





September 8, 2012


Berwick Jamboree


Hyde-0, Tilton-1 (forfeit)

Hyde-2, Winchendon-0

Hyde-0, Berwick-2


On Saturday, September 8th the Phoenix traveled to Berwick to participate in the annual pre-season Berwick Jamboree.  This year the participants included Tilton, Winchendon and host’s Berwick Academy. 

The Hyde team took the field with enthusiasm and played a strong first half against Tilton allowing one goal mid-way through the period.  Feeling confident the Phoenix returned ready to net an equalizer.  Unfortunately, a Tilton player sustained a head injury after a header and the game was called early.

The Phoenix came out firing in the second match against Winchendon.  Junior Shannon Ward ’14 found the net at the 6:00 minute mark with an assist by sophomore Allie Helfrich ’15.  The goal rallied the team further and the second Hyde goal was scored by Caroline Hammond ‘13 with just a few minutes remaining in the half.  The second period was scoreless despite a dominating effort and several close attempts by the Phoenix. 

            The final match of the day was a battle for the Phoenix.  It was clear that a shallow roster was taking its toll.  After allowing a Berwick goal within the first two minutes of play, it seemed the team couldn’t recover its momentum.  The team didn’t give up and allowed only one additional goal in the first half.  After a mid-way break, the Phoenix dug deep during the second half and gave nothing up.  Midfielder Carolyn Moore ’14 played an outstanding game, as well as keeper Katie Comeaux ’13.