Biggest Job Workshops in September

The Biggest Job LogoThe Biggest Job Workshops are going to be presented in several areas in September. This year, the day-long mini retreat will begin with a 90 minute workshop, open to all Hyde HAPA, current parents, and their friends and associates. And, it’s free!

The following regions are starting their September mini retreats with this workshop:
The Capitol Regions (Virginia, Maryland and DC); the Maine Regions, the Connecticut Region (Fairfield County area) and New Hampshire. Each workshop will be listed on the Hyde website with specific dates, time and place. At the end of the workshop, those attending who are not members of the parent regions will leave and the regional parents will continue with the mini retreat. All HAPA interested in attending the mini retreat are welcome. Just let the chair of the region know if you intend to do this.

Please invite your friends and anyone you know who works with families to attend this workshop with you. The venue for each workshop will hold up to 100 people, so don’t be shy about spreading the word.

This is not a Hyde recruiting event; it is an opportunity for Hyde to give back to communities and for non-Hyde parents to learn the valuable framework for parenting offered in the 10 Priorities.

Come for a refresher. Come to see old friends and make new ones. And please bring all your friends and associates. These workshops are open to the public.

For more information on any of these workshops, please contact Pam Hardy at or 207-504-6792.